Ashborn (Richard Grey)
Name: Richard Ashley Grey
Codename: Ashborn
Whateley: Class of 2010 (sophomore as of fall 2007)
DOB: 13-9-1992
Powers: Wiz-2 (Limited), ESP-1
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanour: Primarily comes off shy and thoughtful, getting edgy around larger groups of people or people or anyone with obviously threatening abilities or appearance (swords, claws, etc.), though he does try to treat everyone and everything equally.
Costume: None
Race: Caucasian (Currently)
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140 kg
Eyes: His eyes are brown in the centre, near the pupil, but the rim of the iris is a very fetching shade of violet.
Hair: A short ravens nest of fairly thick tar-black hair.
Face: Faintly refined features, with a touch of what people think is Chinese around the eyes. Also has a scar that goes from just above the middle of the right eye, all the way up to under the hairline, and giant black bags under his eyes.
Build: Light and agile, with a touch of fat over what is becoming a well-toned physique.
POB: Winchester, England
Assoc: Emerson resident (room ??), No team at present, Alyssa (Crush)
Creator: SmallBurnyThing (SBT), RP use only at the moment.

General Description

Richard had always been classed as 'intelligent' picking up common skills and abilities easily, and was fascinated by the technological subjects and history. Unfortunately this early development made him something of a pariah among his age group, his schoolmates proffering music and discussing what he saw as pointless topics to his passions. As such he tended to gravitate around groups of older, more intelligent teens who tended to give less credit to his opinions than they possibly deserved. This laid the foundation for a shy young man who would rather sit back and listen to the world than actively engage it most of the time.

His manifestation changed everything he thought he knew about himself, and the last few months have been somewhat of nightmare fuelled search for a sense of self and identity than any active pursuit of his abilities, despite his parents and benefactors shuffling him off to Whateley in the hope that they'd be able to 'help' with these conditions.


Subconsciously stands upright in a loose stance unless it's either pointed out to him or he's deliberately trying to slouch. Clothes-wise he prefers loose, long sleeved tops made of light fabric and neutral colours. This is to prevent them from rubbing too much against the patterns of scrapes, bruises and other minor injuries he seems to collect.

He also has a southern English accent and tends to favour slightly more formal, respectable, forms of speech. Of course this is subject to change and he can sometimes (especially in times of stress) slip into other languages, at which point he will no longer be able to speak or understand English.


Magical Talent & Spirit Injury

Richard has the Essence generation capabilities of a Wiz-2, but this is extremely misleading as a lot of it seems to be used holding his wounded soul together, causing his spirit on the astral plain to resemble a bleak, uncomfortable cloud instead of a representation of who he is. This flaw extends into his magic, as almost all of the essence he can draw is somehow tainted by whatever force damaged his spirit in the first place; causing most of the spells he attempts to backfire magnificently. The most powerful spell he has successfully cast so far involved throwing a spark five feet, landing in the equivalent of a minor electric shock.

The backfires tend to do far more damage to his person than this though, and one of his past personas has a lot of knowledge of elemental defensive magic and tries to use it instinctively.

Relevant Magical Laws (for my reference more than anything):

Cut from:

The Law of Cyclicality: Things work in cycles. They begin, the work their way to a mid-point, then the decline, and finally end. It also means that Magic is an EXCEPTION to the normal course of events in the world, a disruption of the natural order. As such, it causes disruptions in the course of things around it, which create smaller disruptions further away and so on, like a pebble thrown in a pool causing ripples that radiate out, and fade away. When a cycle has begun and reaches it's point of no return, then it WILL complete itself, no matter what anyone does. I think this one ties in the one about reactions. A spell isn't finished until all of its repercussions end.

The Law of Contagion: Once Joined, always linked. Which means that when you have a piece of something like a lock of hair, or nail clipping, you have a magical link to whatever or whoever you took the sample of.

The Law of Precedent; What happened before, will happen again.

Reincarnated (ESP-1)

Richard's soul has lived a lot of very short lives, often ending up at the centre of a conflict, and he can remember snatches and flashes from most of these and a lot more in others, along with the language and cultural map required to make sense of them. Quite a few of these memories are the subject of his recurring nightmares, the worst of which is spate of pain and the feeling of something clawing at the very thing that makes him, well, him. Tied up in these memories are a wide variety of combat skills, survival skills and various other tricks and knowledge (most of which are inaccessible to him at the moment).

This is the first life in which he's ever remembered what the previous ones in any real detail, and some of those lives were a lot less, moral, for want of a better word, than he is today. Fortunately (or unfortunately) the memories of his past lives seem to be tied to the language and culture he was living in at that time, if he wants to understand them fully. This means that, to use memories from his life in Russia (A World War II tank commander who was executed for leaking state secrets to the Americans) he's going to end up speaking Russian and finding most of the memories from his current life, as well as the people around him, completely incomprehensible. (In RP, if I preface speech with a language tag, say <Russian> it means that the text that follows should only be understood by someone who speaks that language and Richard is probably not going to understand anything said in English around then).

The process of switching memory sets takes between five to ten seconds of concentration, assuming the memories are near the surface, which can prove interesting when his current life gets buried under the rest, and he often tries to get people to blabber to him in English to speed up the transition. There is one set of memories which doesn't require any conscious thought to slip into, but getting out of is much harder, it's a language that no one he's spoken to in can understand or recognise, which is a bit of a problem, because he remembers absolutely nothing from that life. He also uses magic instinctively in that form, resulting in more backlash than is probably healthy.

Recently he's been trying to train his current life with skills from his previous lives through martial training, in an attempt to force some sort of coherency between them. This seems to be working to an extent, but his muscle memory occasionally defaults back to the body in which he originally learnt the skills. The following overextensions, scrapes and bruises annoy the hell out of him and are a little embarrassing.


Junior Archaeologist.
Passing interest in a variety of subjects and naturally high intelligence.
Martial Arts and other skills depend on who he is at the time.


Nothing of note.


Richard’s personality fluctuates between a shy fifteen year old, a philosophical, slightly depressed, introspective ancient and 'devil may care' asshole who doesn't really care if he dies again. Normally he's at the vaguely stable point between these three extremes, remaining a typical teenager that looks at the world through spectacles tinted slightly black with half-remembered pasts and the knowledge that things generally do not end well.

The exception to this, of course, is when Alyssa's around. At which point he reverts fully to infatuated teen and proceeds to make a complete fool of himself.


Normal human weaknesses. He's also afraid of what he'd become if he ever channelled some of the darker personalities lurking in his mind, so tries to avoid fights at every opportunity.


So far, Richards adventures in the world of Whateley rp have been mostly mediocare, making few impressions on the rest of the characters. The only exceptions to this are Alyssa, who he developed quite a crush on after she tried to help him with his magic. This wasn't really helped all that much by her attention at the pool party.

His overuse of the medical facility has also led to a couple of fights with administration, the last of which ended with him being assigned to show a new student, Andrew (or A J), around Whateley. Which he managed by frazling out a fireball spell he'd been building the old fashioned way and promptly blew himself up. Neccesitating a trip to the infirmary. Again.

He also managed to be present at the great Talcat attack in one of the infirmary waiting rooms, which was ended (for him) by his subconcious trying to cast a lightning spell and the entire thing flying out of control and knocking him out. Painfully.



  • Class of 2010


  • Emerson College
    • Unknown Roommate

Group Affiliations

  • None

Romantic Relationships

  • Alyssa (Crush)

Personal Enemies

  • None




Has developed insomnia and is currently taking as many language courses as possible in the hope of uniting his fractured memories and sense of self. Also has frequent trips to the medical wing to talk to his psychiatrist and get his various injuries looked at.

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