The Rise (and fall?) of Gloria Whitley

The Story So Far


Timeline of events:

Event Date
Ian Whitley develops B-SAT thinking he has the cure for 'Burnout' Jan 15
Gloria Whitley meets a boy she falls in love with. Feb 01
Gloria sends love letters to that boy. Feb 14
"Elzia Gloria Foerster-Whitley ""resigns"" as senior partner at her law firm. Feb 27
Eliza visits Gloria in Denver Mar 15
Gloria manifests as an exemplar Mar 23
Gloria Develops a body temp of 103 deg F Mar 24
Gloria's condition stabilizes Mar 25
Ian tests the B-SAT on his pet scorpion collection, risking his pets to prove B-SAT is safe Mar 25-27
Gloria taken from the hospital, given home care Mar 27
B-SAT used by Gloria as Lylah tries to stop her Mar 27-28
Gloria and Lylah manifest with GSD, released from the hospital Mar 28-Apr 30
Lylah Whitley graduates 7th grade through home schooling Jun 02
Gloira Whitley is tutored by Eliza, she receives her 8th grade diploma Jun 02
Gloria and Lylah's parents decide to send their daughters to Whateley Jul 01
Gloria hears from the boy she's been writing, he dumps her, his family moves to Europe Jul 03

Gloria Heather Ashton Whitley is the daughter of a wealthy deviser. She attended the Foothills Academy in Denver CO. There she met a boy (who's name she has never disclosed), fell in love with him and was planning to date him.
Over the course of the previous year, events began to throw a wrench in her plans.

She began to manifest exemplar traits and started on a secondary mutation (which her family feared was burnout). Gloria used the BIT-Stabilization And Transition device with out her Father's permission. He developed a theory that 'burnout' was caused by a lack of energy in the body. B-SAT affects the body's electrical field in the same manner that energizers are thought to access the Earth's magnetic field. It also 'fixes' the BIT. In theory.

In reality it sends another BIT at the target. Unless the target has a strong sense of self or is strongly focused, the new bit will interfere or override the existing BIT. Gloria was madly in love with a boy at her private school. She wanted to be exemplar beautiful to impress him. Instead, her guilt and internal doubts merged her bit with the last image in the buffer. Two whip scorpions her father named 'Fluffy' and 'Moxie'. Lylah always wanted to be a 'mutant' hero. Somehow her bit was affected as well.

A mutant with GSD will NOT be affected by the B-SAT at all. Ian deactivated it and had it placed in storage. He is deeply hurt that the device did not work.

Gloria is furious at her father. She's a freak, the boy she loved wanted NOTHING to do with the GSD 'freakshow' as he put it in his last missive to her.

She's desperate for a cure.

Eliza told Gloria that she has no friends now, only people she can push around. Gloria fears that her aunt is right…

Lylah's dealing with the downside of being a 'mutant super hero'

And now…

Gloria: Under the cold callous con artiste, there is still the little girl who's heart was broken. Maybe. For now Gloria is building her network. She is no match for Thuban and the other fixers. No matter, she is making friends for the world post-Whateley. Her heart was broken, she want to position herself so that no one ever does that to her again. She seems the world as dog-eat-dog.

Contracts: Oversight crafted the contracts, but thanks to Gloria's exemplar memory and her aunt's contacts, she has written and expanded on them. She baits a student with offers of help. They agree and she gets them in a binding contract.

Sample contracts:

  • Quid pro Quo "this for that": agreeing to do Gloria a favor in exchange for something
  • "Workout loan": in debt to someone? Gloria will pay off that debt for you…
  • Protection: Protection from bricks or pranks

Failure to uphold those contracts results in either a magical backlash or a visit by Wyvern

Where the other characters stand in all of this:

Gloria wants to recruit as many of the new students as she can. Getting devisors in debt to her is her master plan however. She now suspects that her aunt Eliza is working for the syndicate. Using her family's foundation as a cover, Eliza has been recruiting Whateley students to work for the Syndicate and other criminal groups. Gloria had planed to work for Alexia Von Bismark, but now Alexia has turned against her.

Her new patron "Mary Decker" has promised to support her. She pays Gloria for information on students in the school.

Many of the new freshman have started to conspire against Gloria. She believes that she can brush them aside (except for Outfox). The students however are determined to stop her.

There are four students that Gloira fears. Gloria trapped Tegan Wissa with a contract. Due to a feud between her cousin and Tegan's brother, Gloria tricked Tegan into revealing a notebook she had in her possession (written by her brother Shawn). Rachel Parkes found out about Gloria's contract with Tegan and worked to end it. Tegan is now free to get revenge. Rachel found out that her enemy Wyvern works for Gloria. Both are furious that Gloria has tricked Kara Fowler. Gloria harbors a crush on Alexia Von Bismark. When Alexia discovered Gloria's dealings, she ended their business relationship. Gloria's love is curdling into dismay but is not at hatred. For some reason Taira Mai HATES Gloria. As Tegan puts it "A man, well, he'll walk right into Hell with both eyes open. But even the Devil can't fool a dog!" Mai has verbally (if barking and growling count as verbal) attacked Gloria twice. Gloria discovered that Mai comes into season every 37 days. She plans to get Mai expelled when her suspension is up.

Mai, Tegan, Rachel and Alexia posses the mean and the motive to thwart most of her schemes. Gloria knows that they have information that could ruin her, so she treads lightly for now. When she has enough students at her mercy, she plans to strike.

Recent Events:

Mai was put on a two month suspension after a fight with Talcat. Gloria made contact with Radiance to market a 'Lightsaber'. She had Oversight turn the faulty devises into bombs and sold them to the son of an Afrianca dictator.

Summoner discovered that Gloria has been seeling a summer student trip to Jamaica. The trip is on her aunt's private jet (a Boeing business jet). The jet is nicknamed the "Kardonia Express" by planespotters because of it's frequent stops to Kardonia and islands near it. Phear found out that a company called "K&D Solutions" of Phoenix AZ is paying Gloria to recruit students. This company was founded by several ex-special forces members, famous devisors and some former members of 'Evolution Rocks!'. The IRS and the Arizona Attorney general allege that K&D is a front for the syndicate, but have been unable to prove it. Eliza Whitley is on the board of directors of K&D and is their chief legal counsel.

Summoner and Outfox suspect that students are being recruited by the syndicate.

Eliza sent Hotdog to "light a fire" under Gloria and make her deliver more students. Gloria expelled Kara from her team ans has hired Gauss. She wants to give Gauss a private meeting and make her an offer.

Gloria's precog sense detected a powerful magical artifact that Alleycat soon made plans to remove. She had Wyvern try tot steal it, but was defeated by the Gatekeepers. She has vowed to make Alley pay using Tusker.

Eliza gave Gloria strict instructions to stay away from Outfox.

Characters Involved

  • Kara Freed by Gloria, was under contract
  • Outfox Found out that Tegan was under a contract and in essentially 'mind-controlled'
  • Subtle: Sees Gloria for who she is
  • Alleycat: despises Gloria
  • Circle-s: Tegan and Summoner have vowed to stop Gloria…
  • The Association: Gloria's "team"
  • Hotdog is being paid by Gloria to ferret out information
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