Rose Lynn (Zenon)
Rose in her shell, except she doesn't have wings or a tail.
Rose in her overpowered shell.
Name: Rose Lynn (Zenon)
Whateley: Class of 2012 (junior high as of spring 2008)
DOB: Date of birth 1993-12-21
Powers: Pk 2a, Man 2abc
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: When her shell is up, she is outgoing and friendly, happy to discuss gaming, or anything. When her shell is down, she is withdrawn and extremely shy, hiding away in her room.
Costume: No costume yet
Race: Caucasian
Height: In shell: 5'4" Out of shell: 5'
Weight: Not polite to ask
Eyes: In shell: Gold iris with vertical slit pupil. Out of shell: Brown with a gold tint, pupil is vaguely a vertical oval
Hair: In shell: Gold blond, usually tied back with a blooming flower effect. Out of shell: Mousy brown, starting to get a few blond strands here and there
Face: In shell: Lovely heart shape. Out of shell: Thin and narrow
Build: In shell: Busty, leggy, thin waist. Out of shell: Short, scrawny, almost no chest.
POB: Central Michigan
Assoc: Melville Cottage
Creator: A-Eadie

General Description

Rose was always the nerdish girl that faded into the background. She only had a couple of friends, and they were more the general computer nerds than the video game nerd she was. She /really/ got into it when she played games, often not noticing things around her while in deep concentration. Her mother once popped a balloon next to her, and she didn’t react until part of the balloon flew between her and the TV. She didn’t even notice her manifestation while playing the Disgaea 2 Strategy RPG. When she had finally beaten the extra special extra stage where you fight the ultimate enemy, she saved, turned off the system … and finally noticed that she had suddenly gained two inches on her front. After panicking, she saw her parents in the room … with a stopwatch that they clicked off. As it turns out, both parents were mutants, her mother a PK brick … level 2, and her father a tool manifestor … level 2. For some odd reason, her power essentially combined her parents’ powers. Her parents both being Whateley alumni, she got packed off quickly to get a handle on her new powers.

When she went into burnout, it was discovered that a spirit of the night/darkness/dark moon had become bound into her shell. The spirit was assigned to protect her when she was born, because the 'parent' spirit accidentally prompted an early labor in Rose's mother … a whole month early. Since at the time Rose's mother was trying to resolve a contract dispute between the 'parent' spirit and the North American Mage Association, the NAMA mages also tried to help by casting a 'fairy godmother' spell on baby Rose every new moon for 13 years. Of course, seeing if that spell actually /did/ anything was part of why. In fact, the spell was intercepted by the guarding spirit, so the effects didn't show up until Rose manifested. When Rose burned out, the full effects of that spell were activated, resulting in a glamor type effect when she overpowers her shell.


Young teen Exemplar pretty. Blond hair down past her shoulders, Gold vertically slit pupil eyes, slim, leggy, large B or small C breasts. 5’4” Ears have a point to them.
When overpowering her shell, her hair turns a pale white blond, her eyes turn red, she grows fangs and her nails lengthen. She also has energy wings shaped like batwings.


Pk 2a Man 2abc Rose can manifest a shell around herself that looks like Rosalynn from Disgaea 2 (minus wings), which she is turning into (MATD), and she can manifest various weapons, including ‘guns’ and 'bows' that fire ‘energy bullets/arrows’. Her shell can absorb about 120 lbs of direct force, which is slowly increasing as she grows in the use of her power. The ‘energy bullets’ seem to be most similar to electricity, and are a little less powerful than the average tazer.
Rose can 'overpower' her shell, going up to 180 lbs of force, with an equivalent gain in power with her manifested energy. She can also fly when she does this. It burns through energy, though, and she can only do it for a little while before she crashes. She also has a glamor effect during the 'overpower' that radiates a cold sexy beauty. For an analogy, if Fey's suppressed glamor is a pot of strong, hot coffee, Rose's glamor is caffeinated iced tea.


Rose is amazingly good at video games, and can concentrate at a level only a few can reach.



Rose is friendly and outgoing with her shell up, and very withdrawn and shy with the shell down. Will hide away in her room if she can when the shell is down.


Concentration, when she starts concentrating completely, you will have to disrupt her line of sight, or even hurt her to get her attention.
Also, when she overpowers her shell, the bound spirit is influencing her actions, leading her to act aggressively, but with less actual emotion.



  • Class of 2012


  • Melville
    • Roommate

None yet

Group Affiliations

  • Group

Romantic Relationships

  • None yet

Personal Enemies

  • None yet


  • Name: James (father)
  • Name: Renata (mother)

RP Events

  • Rose's shell fails when she's talking to Joshua, Terry and Rachel. They follow her as she makes a mad dash into the woods, and help talk her out of a crying spell. Terry helps her look like her shell, and then walks her back to her dorm.
  • (RP date: 6/19/10) Rose is talking to Mannequin and Sean when Sean lets her know he has seen her under her shell, she freaks, and her shell eventually fails. When she forces it back up, the guardian spirit that had gotten trapped in her shell takes over. Her appearance changes to pale white blond hair, red eyes, fangs, claw like fingernails, and wings made of her manifested energy in the shape of bat wings. She also displays a 'cold' glamour of beauty. After she gets talked down by Sean, she runs out of energy, and collapses, the shell dissapearing. She is rushed to the infirmary as she starts burning out.


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