RP LOG: Chem lab

RP session beginning 21:54 2010-05-16 (GMT)

[21:54:52] <RachelParkes> (SOME TIME PREVIOUSLY…)
[21:55:13] <Mycron> Let me get this straight… You think this pie's tainted, but all you have to go on is suspicion. Am I right?
[21:55:21] <RachelParkes> Umm… Well… That's about it.
[21:56:03] * RachelParkes is standing with Riley in Chem Lab 1A. Mycron is not looking very happy right now, and Riley isn't looking too happy herself.
[21:56:29] <Mycron> Alright, I'll bite. So what is it about this pie that makes you so convinced that it's tainted?
[21:56:50] <Euryale> "Sh-she doesn't like the girl who, uh, m-made it."
[21:57:29] * Mycron raises an eyebrow at Riley. Riley's appearance gave her a shock at first, but she managed to recover quickly.
[21:57:42] * Mycron looks at Rachel. "Is that right?"
[21:57:49] * Euryale crosses her arms, har oversized goggles at least making her look somewhat at home in a lab despite being rather dressed down in a uniform blouse and athletic shorts. Her tail whips about nervously as her snakes coil about.
[21:57:56] <RachelParkes> …If you knew as much about Gloria Whitley as I do, that'd be enough.
[21:58:24] * Mycron blinks and her expression becomes one of surprise. "…This pie came from Gloria Whitley?" she questions.
[21:58:37] <RachelParkes> Yes. You've met her then.
[22:00:09] * Mycron turns to the two pieces of pie Rachel and Riley brought with them, expression thoughtful. "Oh yes… Before I met you in fact. She gave me a line about how GSDs need to stick together, and that her father's looking for people for his company. I told her I wasn't ready to commit myself to something like that sight unseen, and… Her expression… Well, let's just say it made me suspicious."
[22:00:43] <Mycron> Alright, I'll take a look at this pie for you. But you owe me one, got it?
[22:00:50] <RachelParkes> No problem.
[22:01:14] <RachelParkes> (SOME TIME LATER)
[22:01:32] <Mycron> Well, Rach, it looks like your suspicions weren't unfounded.
[22:01:34] * Euryale 's mouth quirks. "B-but, uh," the girl was a freaking reindeer! "th0this was HER i-idea," she reminds the girl. "And g-g-Gloria's always, uh, b-been nice to me. E-even if she's, uh, w-weird, we're ALL a l-little weird!"
[22:01:48] <RachelParkes> ((oh woops))
[22:01:50] <Euryale> (er, place that before the timeskip =P)
[22:01:57] <RachelParkes> ((Roger))
[22:02:12] <RachelParkes> ((continuing after timeskip)) You've found something, then?
[22:02:49] <Mycron> Oh yes. Chemically, it's a perfectly-fine pumpkin pie. No apparent poisons, chemicals, or indeed anything you wouldn't expect to see in a pumpkin pie.
[22:02:55] * RachelParkes blinks. "But you just said…"
[22:02:56] * Euryale finds a chair so sink into, snakes coiling about. "N-nothing?"
[22:03:49] * Mycron interrupts. "But it's a funniest recipe for pumpkin pie I'm ever aware of." She holds up a small piece of plastic in tweezers. "I've never heard of any pumpkin pie recipe that calls for RFID tags."
[22:04:23] <RachelParkes> …RFID tags?
[22:05:03] * Euryale stiffens, snakes twisting about to stare at the thing in the tweezers. "…w-what?!"
[22:05:35] * Mycron nods. "RFID tags. I'm not entirely sure what she was planning, but I managed to find someone who helped me identify it." She waves a small wand around the area of Euryale's torso. "You seem to be clean, but if you'd eaten this pie, this little chip would be floating around your stomach somewhere."
[22:06:34] <Mycron> There was one in each of the pieces you brought to me. I'm not sure what her plan was for these things, though. You'd need an RFID scanner and you'd only be able to track the person who ate it if they came within about ten metres of the scanner.
[22:07:28] <Mycron> And it'd only work until whoever ate it passed it from their system. Still, it's enough evidence for me to put Miss Whitley on my 'never, ever trust' list.
[22:07:42] * RachelParkes frowns. "How long would that take?"
[22:08:21] * Mycron shrugs. "I'm not a biologist. A week maybe? Possibly less if your stomach acids are stronger than baseline."
[22:09:27] <Mycron> That said, it seems she didn't plan things too well. Given the location of the tag, you'd pretty much need to eat an entire slice to swallow it.
[22:10:13] * RachelParkes folds her arms, a thoughtful look on her face. "So she's been offering pie around that gives her a way to temporarily-track whoever ate it, so long as they were within range of a scanner." She looks up at Mycron. "How big would this scanner need to be?"
[22:10:36] <Mycron> You're the technologist, you tell me. I don't think it would need to be too big though.
[22:11:33] * Mycron holds up the hand scanner. It's about the size of an airport hand-held metal detector. "I'd wager you could get it a lot smaller than this without too much difficulty, if you had the right people on your payroll."
[22:12:40] <Mycron> There'd need to be a certain amount of size to accommodate a battery, unless you were able to tap it into a mains line. Then all you'd really need is a small integrated circuit, a casing to protect it, and an antenna.
[22:14:09] * Euryale 's snakes droop, and she looks somewhat… numb. "Th-this is… c-crazy… Wh-what is the p-point?"
[22:14:26] * Mycron shrugs. "Therein lies the question."
[22:15:54] <RachelParkes> So it's conceiveable that she could have planted these scanners all around campus?
[22:16:29] * Mycron shrugs. "I suppose so, but we'd have to ask why."
[22:17:25] <Euryale> "Th-that's… th-that would be the, uh, s-stupidest scheme ever! It d-doesn't make sense! W-what if it j-just, like, f-fell in, w-wasn't supoosed to be there?" she asks.
[22:17:38] <Euryale> (because really. rfid in a pie?)
[22:18:06] * Mycron shakes her head. "The two tags I got were spaced too uniformly to be accidental."
[22:18:33] <Mycron> They were in approximately the same position in both samples you gave me.
[22:18:52] <Mycron> it's not /impossible/ that this was random chance, but the odds are way too slim.
[22:19:45] * Euryale frowns. "W-would it even, uh, t-track me? I m-mean, with my scales?" She taps a claw against her copper scales. "T-they block other things, I m-mean."
[22:20:55] * Mycron frowns thoughtfully. "Difficult to say. It depends just how well your scales dampen signals. You'd have to eat one and then we try to scan you to be sure."
[22:21:30] * Mycron looks at Rachel. "But if Rach ate one, it would track her until she passed it from her system."
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[22:21:54] * RachelParkes blinks, and her jaw drops open a little. She recovers. "Are you saying she was trying to trap me?"
[22:22:29] * Euryale frowns. "B-but the pie was for me," she reminds them. "And i-if she wanted to know wh-where I am, she knows my, uh, p-phone number!"
[22:23:06] <Mycron> But that wouldn't tell her exactly where you'd be, every second of every day.
[22:23:49] <Mycron> Okay, I exaggerate, but the RFID tag in your stomach, assuming she could track it through your scales, would let her get a very good idea of your daily schedule until the tag passed from your system.
[22:26:09] * Mycron looks at Rachel again. "It's not impossible she was trying to trap you, Rach… You said she didn't seem too surprised to see you, right?" At Rachel's not, Mycron continues. "That said, it's also possible she was trying to trap someone else and you would've just been gravy if you hadn't given her a middle finger. And just for you, Riley? Can you rule out the possibility that you were just one of several people she planned t
[22:26:18] <RachelParkes> ((bugger))
[22:26:40] <Mycron> *Can you rule out the possibility that you were just one of several people she planned to offer this pie to?
[22:28:40] * Mycron thinks of something. "Would Gloria have known about your signal-damping skin?"
[22:29:26] * Euryale frowns. "Is sh-she really that stupid? Y-you h-have to be, uh, m-missing something. M-maybe it w-wasn't h-her who put them in…" she pauses, trying not to show a reaction, but she can't help all her snakes suddenly staring a Rachel.
[22:29:51] <RachelParkes> …R-Riley? You can't seriously…
[22:30:53] <Mycron> How exactly would she have got them in there, Riley? The only way she could've done that is if she was /making/ the pie.
[22:32:12] <Mycron> As I told you, the tags were in much too-uniform a pattern. The only way Rachel could have been involved is that if she put the tags in the pie before it was baked.
[22:32:56] * Euryale bites her lip, staring at her lap, though her snakes split their attention between Rachel and Mycron. "I… th-this is r-ridiculous!"
[22:33:57] <Mycron> I have to admit, it does seem a little far-fetched. If I hadn't examined these pieces myself, I'd think it was too retarded a plan for someone to consider.
[22:34:21] <Mycron> And yet, there they were.
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[22:35:17] * Mycron points at the second piece of pie, which hasn't been touched. "See it for yourself. I haven't touched that piece. Pull it apart and see if you can find the tag. Here's a hint, it's roughly dead-centre at the wedge end."
[22:36:01] <Euryale> "And it c-couldn't have been p-pushed in? W-with a w-wire or something? It's, y-you know, pie, not s-steel or something."
[22:36:59] <Mycron> There weren't any holes in the crust big enough for that. Again, that would only be possible if whoever put these tags in the pie did so before it went in the oven.
[22:37:48] * Mycron wordlessly holds up the tag she extracted again. It is far bigger than a wire.
[22:49:06] <Euryale> (how big? like, grain of rice?)
[22:49:44] <Mycron> ((Probably about 3x3x2mm. Small, but still too big to get through a pie crust without leaving a hole.))
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[22:55:23] * Euryale rocks back and forth. "I sh-should just, uh, c-call her and ASK why."
[22:55:37] <RachelParkes> She'll just deny it.
[22:56:44] <RachelParkes> I'll wager she'll try to pin the blame on me somehow.
[22:56:57] <Mycron> No bet.
[22:57:03] <RachelParkes> Smart girl.
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[23:04:01] * Euryale crosses her arms. "N-now you're j-just being unreasonable! Th-there has t-to be a reason, or it h-has to be a mistake."
[23:04:25] <RachelParkes> She might have her reasons, but she won't share them.
[23:06:26] <RachelParkes> Not sure how wise it would be to tell her we're on to her… Might just encourage her to be sneakier next time
[23:07:15] * Mycron frowns thoughtfully. "Maybe I should try to find that Mai person… Ask her if she can give me names of the people she apparently has under her thumb."
[23:07:37] * RachelParkes looks sharply at Mycron. "Mai? Who are you talking about?"
[23:09:11] * Mycron frowns again. "I met this… person named Mai… She told me that Gloria has a lot of students in debt to her. And she gave me this recording that definitely did not make Gloria look good. There was one where she apparently pressured someone into signing over some medallion or something… And they obviously didn't want to part with it. And then there was one where she pressured this sphinx girl into signing a contract."
[23:09:14] * Joins: Tegan_Wissa (moc.xxx|xxx#moc.xxx|xxx)
[23:09:21] <Mycron> The sphinx girl was crying… Gloria was laughing.
[23:10:12] * RachelParkes immediately perks up paying attention. "Tegan Wissa?"
[23:10:40] <Mycron> …Yes, actually. Or somebody Wissa, anyway. Mai said the ink smelled like blood, which she found peculiar.
[23:11:15] * RachelParkes stares at Mycron for a bit. "That HAS to have been the mind slave contract. I think I need to talk to this Mai character too."
[23:11:45] * Mycron blinks, and starts. "Woah!" She exclaims. "Mind slave? Explain!"
[23:12:33] * Euryale looks up sharply. "Y-yeah0 you still need to, uh, e-explain that to me, too!"
[23:12:33] * Tegan_Wissa is now known as Taira-Mai
[23:14:37] * RachelParkes takes a deep breath. "Gloria pressured Tegan into a contract that basically compelled Tegan to help Gloria. I don't know when, but I do know that she planned to keep Tegan in it at least until graduation. Though if she'd actually released her at graduation, I would've been surprised."
[23:15:16] <RachelParkes> Anyway, Flora managed to pressure Gloria into releasing Tegan, but Gloria had her accomplice steal a notebook belonging to Tegan. One she'd tried to demand that Flora destroy.
[23:15:56] * RachelParkes pre-empts a question on Mycron's lips. "Flora being my spirit passenger. I'll introduce you to her later." Mycron's mouth closes.
[23:16:26] <RachelParkes> I don't know when this contract that enslaved Tegan was made, but apparently this Mai person does.
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[23:25:21] * Euryale frowns. "Um. D-did you see this, uh, c-contract?"
[23:25:44] * Euryale seems to be having some trouble following this whole mess, her snakes weaving about in confusion..
[23:26:14] <RachelParkes> I did.
[23:26:44] <RachelParkes> Unfortunately she tore it up after Flora got her to annul it. I saved the pieces, but I'm not sure how useful they'll be.
[23:34:46] * Euryale wraps her tail around her feet. "I d-don't like this whole, uh, th-thing… I sh-should go to the, uh, a-administration and let th-THEM sort it all out!" she grumps.
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[23:48:14] <RachelParkes> I'm not really sure whether that's a good idea… But I can't explain why.
[23:48:35] <RachelParkes> I just have this… hunch… that the administration either can't or won't help.
[23:51:34] * Euryale blinks. "…th-that's ridiculous," she points out, shaking slightly as she tries to be reasonable.
[23:54:37] <RachelParkes> I'd like to think so, but… I don't know…
[23:55:03] <RachelParkes> I can't shake this feeling that telling the administration about this will either make no difference, or actually be a bad idea.
[23:57:10] <Euryale> "Y-you have to admit, you're sounding…" God, can't say crazy, she'll drick out! "Uh… u-unreasonable?" She squirms.
[23:57:42] * RachelParkes metaphorically raises an eyebrow. "Unreasonable? How so?"
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Session Start: Mon May 17 00:00:00 2010
Session Ident: #crystal-hall
[00:01:49] <Euryale> "Y-youre accusing her of all th-these horrible things… b-but you d-don't want to tell the admin-nistration! Are you, uh, t-trying to BLACKMAIL her or s-something?!"
[00:02:49] <RachelParkes> hah, no. But funny you should bring up blackmail, I have it on good authority that she's blackmailing several people.
[00:04:19] <RachelParkes> I don't have details, unfortunately. My intel regarding Gloria is, unfortunately, lacking. I'm not far off crossing my fingers and asking Ayla Goodkind if she can help, but I have my doubts about whether I could afford her price.
[00:04:49] <Mycron> Wait… Ayla GOODKIND? As in, one of /those/ Goodkinds?
[00:05:27] <RachelParkes> She's not like them, Clarissa! She's nice! I know how weird that sounds, but it's true. She's nothing like /those/ Goodkinds.
[00:05:46] * Mycron just gives Rachel a look like "You are a lunatic"
[00:06:27] <RachelParkes> I'd introduce you, but she's a sophomore, and they don't associate with us much.
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[00:07:51] * Euryale looks like she likes that idea even less than the others. "I n-need to talk to her. G-gloria. Sh-she… it d-doesn't make s-SENSE, not at ALL!"
[00:07:52] <RachelParkes> I've heard good things about the Iron Man games… Probably wait for the DVDs though
[00:08:00] <RachelParkes> ((woops! Wrong channel!))
[00:08:48] * RachelParkes sighs. "I can't stop you, Riley, but please… Be careful around her."
[00:10:01] <RachelParkes> And be careful about what you believe… She'll pin her own faults on other people just to try and manoeuvre you into her corner.
[00:11:31] * Quits: Alleycat (moc.xxx|xxx#moc.xxx|xxx) (Ping timeout)
[00:17:24] * Euryale frowns. "I… I think you, uh, m-mean well, Rachel… but I… this is k-kinda hard to, uh… t-take in? I mean… y-you know…"
[00:19:26] * RachelParkes says nothing for a while. "I know, Riley… But if you don't believe me, at least ask people about her."
[00:19:36] <RachelParkes> Do you trust Jon?
[00:21:23] <RachelParkes> Look, just… Just promise me you won't take her claims at face value… please?
[00:21:34] * Euryale blinks. "…J-jon? Why?" She frowns. "D-did she hurt Jon?!"
[00:22:06] <RachelParkes> No, but he was there when Gloria admitted what she'd done to Tegan.
[00:22:09] <RachelParkes> Alice was there too.
[00:22:10] * Joins: Alleycat (moc.xxx|xxx#moc.xxx|xxx)
[00:22:40] <RachelParkes> And there was this other girl there too who seemed to know a lot about Gloria… She's trying to 'rehabilitate' Gloria, for reasons she wouldn't share.
[00:23:06] <Euryale> "W-who?"
[00:24:22] <RachelParkes> I'm trying to think of her name, but nothing's coming to me…
[00:28:59] * RachelParkes gives Riley a basic description of Alexia, fully knowing it's not likely to be enough.
[00:29:04] <RachelParkes> Really need to find out who that girl is…
[00:29:54] * Euryale just nods, since that could really describe dozens of girls at Whateley.
[00:30:59] <Euryale> "Y-yeah. B-but, I I don't know, it f-feels like we're… y-you know. B-behind her b-back, talking, I j-just hate that." Her tail tightens around the chair leg as she glances to the reindeer girl as if seeking approval.
[00:32:49] <RachelParkes> Unfortunately, with this sort of person talking behind their back is the only way, because if they know your plans they'll crush you.
[00:34:16] * Mycron notices Riley's glance, but just shrugs. She's not been here long, she doesn't have any decent intel to add
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[00:44:00] * Euryale seems to have trouble believing anyone could, well. And the ridiculousness of the evil scheme admittedly doesn't help. "Th-that doesn't make it r-right," she says, halfheartedly.
[00:44:34] <RachelParkes> No. But it is necessary.
[00:45:18] <RachelParkes> Going behind the back of evil to undermine their evil may not be right, but I don't see what else we can do, and I can't just sit back and do nothing.
[00:48:50] * Euryale crosses her arms. "Th-there are more g-good than evil people… e-even if a lot of the g-good people are assholes… Y-you shouldn't need to h-hide if you're doing the right thing!"
[00:50:40] * RachelParkes shakes her head. "The world doesn't work like that, Riley. What Gloria's doing is wrong, of that I have no doubt. The problem is that, for the most part, she seems to be staying within the letter of the law.
[00:55:01] * Euryale frowns. "B-but you threatened her, s-so that means that you think… or sh-she thinks, that you c-could stop her by going to the h-higher ups," she reasons. "R-right?"
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[00:57:14] * RachelParkes shakes her head. "I think the odds are good that I could get her, if not handed over to the MCO, then at least kicked out. Gloria must have believed the same, otherwise she wouldn't have taken the offer. But the problem is the people under her thumb. We don't know what agreements she forced them into. Bringing Gloria down might destroy them, too."
[01:00:12] <Euryale> "H-have you talked to T-THEM?"
[01:00:42] <RachelParkes> Not yet. I need more information on who they are.
[01:00:58] * RachelParkes looks at Mycron. "Which is why I think it's important to talk to this Mai character."
[01:01:26] * Mycron nods. "I'll try, but I can't promise more than that."
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[01:04:58] * Mycron sighs. "Barely even been here for a day, and already I'm in the middle of campus politics."
[01:05:04] <RachelParkes> Sorry, Clarissa.
[01:05:06] * Euryale thinks. "W-who else knows, uh, a-about all this?"
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[01:05:54] * Taira-Mai is now known as Taira_Mai
[01:07:14] * RachelParkes thinks. "Tegan's team seem to know about the part surrounding Tegan… Jon and Alice were there when Flora and I confronted Gloria…" She looks at Mycron. "And apparently there's this Mai character too. What can you tell us about her, Clarissa?"
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[01:08:36] <Mycron> Not much, I'm afraid. She's some sort of Shifter… Looks like a metallic dog in one of her forms, and an Asian girl in one other… She's got a command of computers like you wouldn't believe. She gave me some video of a few meetings between Gloria and others. The sphinx-girl being one of them.
[01:09:29] <RachelParkes> That sphinx-girl would be Tegan unless I'm very much mistaken. That video might be useful… Do you know what cottage she's in? Anything else about her?
[01:10:47] * Mycron reaches into a pocket of her blazer and hands Rachel a Secure Digital card. "I don't know where she lives, no. That's pretty much all I know about her, really. If she's in her dog form, though, you won't be able to miss her."
[01:11:06] * RachelParkes swallows hard. "Whether I can get close to her is another matter. But why is that?"
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[01:11:27] <Mycron> Because she looks like she's made of metal like that. Liquid metal, almost.
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[01:16:15] * RachelParkes thinks of something "Let's get that last piece of pie preserved. We may need it as evidence."
[01:16:23] <Mycron> Oh right, not a bad idea.
[01:23:48] <Alleycat> *the door opens as a cyan haired catgirl in school uniform steps into the room. She is holding a large glass container in her hands.*
[01:24:12] * Alleycat looks around at the people there, and her eyes light up when she sees Rachel.
[01:24:27] <RachelParkes> Alice! God, I was worried for a second there.
[01:24:37] * Jen_ is now known as Alexia
[01:24:45] <Alleycat> "Hi Rachel! I got sent here for - " She looks at a paper in her hand " - DHMO, in pure form. Is there any here?"
[01:25:12] * RachelParkes frowns. "…DHMO? Not ringing any bells." She looks at Mycron.
[01:25:32] <Alleycat> "I apparently need it for a reagent in a spell for class."
[01:25:33] * Mycron narrows her eyes. "DHMO as in dihydrogen monoxide?"
[01:26:14] <Alleycat> "Dihydro …" Alley trails off as she finally made the connection. "WATER!?!" She screetches. "I got the runaround for WATER?"
[01:26:40] <Mycron> Looks that way.
[01:26:52] * Tsu_sleepies is now known as Tsu_bought_crap
[01:27:22] * Alleycat spends a couple minutes swearing up a storm before grabbing a chair and collapsing into it as only a catgirl can.
[01:27:31] * Alexia enters the room, currently in working clothes for the labs, "what's the commotion?"
[01:27:39] * Mycron winces. She looks at Rachel. "This is your informant?"
[01:27:46] <Alleycat> "I just wasted two hours in a blasted runaround for what turned out to be water." She moaned,
[01:28:22] <RachelParkes> ((OOC))
[01:29:54] <Alexia> "Who sent you on it?"
[01:30:09] * RachelParkes winces. "Ahh… Yeah. Riley, meet Alice. Well okay, you've met already, but only in passing. Clarissa, this is Alice Craft, a good friend of mine and one of your fellow Whitmaniacs. Alice, allow me to introduce my sister Clarissa."
[01:30:50] <Alleycat> "Hi Clarissa, hi Riley." Alley waves listlessly from the chair,
[01:30:52] * Euryale BLINKS. "…s-SISTER?"
[01:31:36] * Euryale still looks shellshocked from the previous exchanges.
[01:31:50] * RachelParkes steps over to Mycron and whispers something very quietly into her ear. Clarissa's eyes widen in surprise. She whispers something back, and Rachel nods. Then she looks up. "Yes. Admittedly we've not been sisters long…"
[01:32:51] * Mycron shrinks in on herself, and begins to shake. Rachel enfolds her in a hug until she stops shaking. Eventually, Mycron sighs. "My family disowned me," she says, quietly. "Rachel's family adopted me."
[01:33:15] * Alexia , upon being ignored goes over to the cabinets and gathering chemicals for creating explosives.
[01:34:00] <Alleycat> "Oh." That gets to Alley, so she sits up and focuses on Mycron. "I'm so sorry. I know what it's like to lose family."
[01:34:03] * Dracodyne casually walks into the lab, carrying a shoebox-sized lead container. She carefully takes a wide berth around everyone, otherwise making a beeline for a security door in back near the regeant shelves.
[01:34:29] * RachelParkes looks up, and then blinks. "Hey!" she calls to Alexia. "You were the girl I met that other day!"
[01:34:47] <Alexia> "Hey." she stated. "How are you?"
[01:36:27] <Alexia> she replied to RachelParkes
[01:36:34] <RachelParkes> I'm doing okay. Listen, I need your help. Gloria Whitley is making approaches to Riley here, and I'm having a hard time convincing her she's bad news.
[01:36:45] * Euryale tilts her head. "The one, who, I mean, the witness?"
[01:37:00] <Euryale> "Y-you make it sound l-like I'm… d-deluded!"
[01:37:01] <Alleycat> "Gloria" Alley snarled. "That fucking bitch."
[01:37:26] <Alexia> "Don't make deals with Gloria." Alexia stated, "It's for the good of both you and her."
[01:37:31] <Alleycat> "I saw someone who had made a deal with her. She was mind controlled! MIND CONTROLLED!"
[01:37:32] * RachelParkes winces. "I'm sorry Riley, that wasn't my intention." She turns back to Alexia. "My lack of hard evidence is hurting my credibility."
[01:37:56] <Alleycat> "She had to do anything Gloria told her to!"
[01:38:08] <Alleycat> "Never ever ever make any deals with her!"
[01:38:08] * Talcat is now known as Kelly
[01:38:17] <Alexia> "Miss… Riley, was it? Wait a couple days, and you'll get some proof in your mail." she told Euryale
[01:38:26] * RachelParkes pulls Alice into the hug too. "Shh, it's okay Alice…"
[01:38:49] * Alleycat is spitting mad, her tail puffed out, and her ears flat in anger.
[01:39:14] <Alleycat> *until she gets pulled into the hug, which calms her down a bit.
[01:39:21] * Kelly is in a corner station, casually spreading her attention between a simmering vat of something vaguely metallic colored and a book. She glances up at the yelling, blinking. "Uh, is someone hurt?" she asked, pushing her glasses up to the bridge of her nose.[01:39:34] * Alleycat hugs back and pulls away. "Thanks, I needed that."
[01:40:42] * RachelParkes quietly gives Alice a "No problem"
[01:41:16] * Quits: Zoe (moc.xxx|xxx#moc.xxx|xxx) (Ping timeout)
[01:41:22] <Alleycat> "So, long story short, Gloria is bad news."
[01:41:25] * Dracodyne locks the lead container away then very thoroughly washes up, humming cheerfully to herself.
[01:41:53] <Kelly> "Fine, ignore me then," she murmured, looking down at her book again.
[01:41:58] * Alexia takes the chemicals over to a station to synthesize a high grade explosive.
[01:42:12] <Alexia> "Sorry, no one's hurt."
[01:42:16] <Alexia> she told Kelly
[01:42:38] * Tsu_bought_crap is now known as Tsureai
[01:42:46] * Trusting_afk is now known as Trusting
[01:42:48] * Kelly blinks at the chemicals. "Uh… what are you making with that stuff?"
[01:44:20] <Alexia> "Military Grade explosives." she told Kelly as she worked
[01:44:40] <Kelly> "…!" She takes a few steps back. "Uh…."
[01:45:02] * Dracodyne 's eyes go wide, tail sticking straight out, the eye-glow paling. "E-explosives?!"
[01:45:30] * RachelParkes freezes briefly, then steps back, pulling Alice with her. Mycron gets off her chair, having to squat to keep her antlers from hitting the ceiling, and follows them.
[01:45:30] <Alexia> "What? I need it so I can test a new weapon design I have." she told them.
[01:45:55] * Alleycat 's tail bristled in fear this time, and she jumps back and balances on a stool, ready to leap for safety.
[01:46:18] <RachelParkes> …Dare I ask?
[01:46:44] <Kelly> "Uh, I think there are rules about explosives and public labs," she said frantically, looking into her Lab Safety Brochure. "Encephalon dives, extreme equations, equine experiments…"
[01:46:53] * Dracodyne edges around the room toward the entrance… "Uh, yeah.. they're st-table, right?"
[01:47:02] <Alexia> "Entirely." she replied
[01:47:18] <RachelParkes> I hope you won't think too poorly of me if I work on a shield spell anyway.
[01:47:24] * Alleycat turns to look at Draco incredulously. "/You're/ worried about /other/ things being stable?"
[01:47:51] * RachelParkes looks at Alice. "There's a story there, I can tell, but I don't think this is the time for it."
[01:47:54] <Dracodyne> "I'm radiation-proof, not explosion-proof!"
[01:47:58] <Kelly> "Yeah, but this is WHATELEY! I ran into a real-life furry a few days ago!"
[01:48:12] <Alexia> "I know what I'm doing." she stated calmly. "Hell, I
[01:48:28] <Alexia> 've designed at least half of the arms my family's company is currently selling."
[01:48:33] <Alleycat> "… there's a few dozen furries in Whitman and Twain."
[01:48:33] * RachelParkes narrows her jet-black eyes. "Define 'real-life fur… No wait, not the time for that either
[01:48:49] <Kelly> "A self-made furry," she replied, wincing.
[01:49:00] <Kelly> "Wait, you're a ARMS dealer?!"
[01:49:16] <Alleycat> "Oh! Her. A bit odd, but she seems nice." Alley says.
[01:49:53] <Alexia> "You say that like there's something wrong with it. We also run a few PMCs." she says it, her work keeping her focus
[01:50:33] * Kelly backs away, rummaging around in her bag. "Uh. If it's alright, I think you should put up a blast shield. And keep your weapons away."
[01:50:59] * Taira_Mai is now known as Dusty
[01:51:03] <Dracodyne> "Nothing wrong with weapons… I just dunno anything about explosives… don't want to mess anything up."
[01:51:08] <Alexia> "I don't have any weapons on me." she replied, but she DID raise a blast shield."
[01:51:52] * Euryale frowns, kinda shrinking back from the growing crowd.
[01:51:58] <Kelly> "Stay behind that thing," she murmured, before glancing at Dracodyne and… blinking.
[01:52:02] * Alleycat turns to Rachel. "If you know a shield spell, could you teach me? I have a feeling I'm going to want to know it."
[01:52:40] <RachelParkes> All things considered, I have no objections there.
[01:53:02] * Dusty enters the Chem Lab…flask in one hand, notebook in the other, heavy workboots on his feet, cargo pants, and a jacket over a blue t-shirt complete the look…
[01:53:49] * Dusty finds a sink "Hey girls what's sha-" *he sees HER…Alexia behind a blast shield….*
[01:55:02] * Alexia doesn't hear him as she works
[01:57:09] * Dusty smiles…he fills the flask with water, then produces a cord from a pocket on his right leg…some plastic baggies, some salt packets and a vial of food coloring….
[01:57:44] <Kelly> "Uh, you. Can I ask what you're doing?"
[01:58:26] * Dracodyne carefully does not watch over other peoples' shoulders, but stands well out of the way next to Alleycat.
[01:58:48] * Alleycat nervously takes a slight step away from Draco
[01:58:54] * Dusty fills sevearl baggies, taping them to an empty water bottle "Makin' stuff." he stuff the cord into the plastic bottle
[01:59:48] * RachelParkes nervously asks "What sort of stuff?" She's currently standing with a lightly-flickering green screen between her little group and the blast shield
[02:00:26] <Kelly> "OK. Keep your stuff away from Ms. Winchester over there, then," she said, pointing to Alexia briefly before going back to her reading.
[02:00:48] <Alleycat> "Hmm, if that's your shield, I don't think I can pull it off. Needs too much Essence." Alley sighed.
[02:00:50] * Euryale 's snakes are starting to make a concerted effort to hide in the collar of her blouse.
[02:00:58] * Dusty now has completed his little project, he caps the bottle with a blinking *something* "Oh it's not going /on/ her." *he walks to the blast shield*
[02:01:31] <RachelParkes> You might be able to make a scroll, or runeboard or something like that out of it.
[02:02:01] <RachelParkes> But depending on just how quickly you can get essence, it might take you weeks to make a single one.
[02:02:05] <RachelParkes> And of course it'd be single-use.
[02:02:22] <Mycron> What the hell are you two talking about?
[02:02:34] * Alexia is still working on the chemicals
[02:02:37] * RachelParkes looks at Mycron apologetically. "I'll tell you later, sis."
[02:02:47] * Dusty forrows his brow, he scores the water bottle with his room key, then he knocks on the blst shield, after putting his goggles on…
[02:03:19] <Kelly> "Oh GOD I don't want any more explosions going off around me. Newboy? I'd leave Ms. Winchester alone."
[02:04:01] <Alleycat> "Yeah, it takes me all day to get the Essence for my flash spell slips, and they're not really /that/ great."
[02:05:19] * Dracodyne blinks, glancing at the flat black Matrix-style 'socket' on her arm. "You mean, you magic-types have to go outside yourselves for power?"
[02:05:31] <Dusty> "You are aware she's a supervillian right?"
[02:05:37] * Dusty bangs on the blast shield…
[02:05:43] <RachelParkes> You are aware she's working on explosives, right?
[02:06:03] * Alexia looks out the view hole in the blast shield.
[02:06:16] <Kelly> "Uh, she's a arms-supplier. That's almost as bad."
[02:06:36] * Alleycat turns to Draco. "Well, /yeah/."
[02:06:58] * Dracodyne pulls out a cheap, scratched PDA and makes a note to get in touch with Alexia for prices someday.
[02:08:15] <Alexia> "What do you want?" she asked of Dusty, through the shield
[02:08:22] <Dusty> "Hey in there how much longer are you gonna be?"
[02:08:37] * Dracodyne is /definitely/ not going to interrupt explosives-making in progress!
[02:09:08] * RachelParkes looks at her sister and her friends. "I think, ladies, that this might be an excellent time to run the fuck away."
[02:09:48] * Alleycat doesn't need to told twice, and is already out the door, dragging Rachel and Rachel's sister with her.
[02:10:09] <Alexia> "I'm busy, piss off." she told Dusty
[02:10:22] * Kelly puts a cap over her bubbling material and quickly leaves the lab as well.
[02:10:31] <Dracodyne> "Uh-oh?" Someone's making explosives, and people are leaving fast? She'd better hurry out as well, and does so!
[02:11:03] * Dusty uses his PK on the blast door controls, as the blast shield raises he hands something to Alexia…
[02:11:27] * Alexia tosses it back, and raises a magic barrier
[02:12:21] * Dusty bats it back, the eletronic devise starts to speak "I am a twenty second stink bomb… twentynine…twentyeight…twenty seven…twenty six.. twenty five…"
[02:13:23] <Alexia> it bounces off the barrier
[02:13:44] * Dracodyne , as soon as she is out of the lab, curls up in a ball with her tail over her snout, fingers in her fan-style ears, eyes squeezed shut!
[02:14:04] * Alexia goes back to work, under her magic barrier
[02:14:41] * Dusty stamps his foot as his gambit fails, the device starts laughing, the laughter dies as the electronis short out, he takes the cord and starts to chew on it "Mmm…twizzler's they never should have discontinues the orange flavor…"
[02:15:01] <Dusty> "So Alexia, what village are you gonna blow up today?"
[02:16:07] * Dracodyne cracks an eye open. "Where's the earth-shattering kaboom? I thought there was s'posed to be an earth-shattering kaboom…"
[02:16:10] <Alexia> "None, thank you." she told him, closing the blast shield
[02:17:30] * Dusty looks at Dracodyne "What do I look like? Wait don't answer that, say beautiful, may I get your name." *he floats over to Dracodyne*
[02:17:52] * Dusty offers some of his candy 'det cord' "Sugar for a sweetie?"
[02:19:07] * Quits: Alytari (moc.ltn.elbac.fleb.15483-md|eltbuS#moc.ltn.elbac.fleb.15483-md|eltbuS) (Exit: )
[02:20:04] * Dracodyne looks to make sure Dusty isn't talking to someone else.. as she self-consciously gets back up and dusts herself off. "Um, me?"
[02:20:46] <Dusty> "Yes you. Don't hide those pretty glow-y eyes."
[02:22:08] * Dracodyne blushes, or at least her cheeks glow faintly. "Aw… I'm Sus, err, Dracodyne."
[02:22:56] * Alexia comes out with a secure container, "I'm done! nothing to worry about!" she told them all
[02:24:20] <Dusty> "I'm Dusty or Reddot." *he looks into Draco's eyes* "I like your codename."
[02:26:44] * Dracodyne 's eyes are pure glowing cherenkov blue, no pupil or white… like looking deep into a nuclear reactor. "Um, well, its nice to meet you, Reddot," the dragon-girl replies.
[02:26:50] * Euryale flees as well.
[02:27:41] * Dusty gazes into Draco's eyes "Such pretty eyes…you must be an energizer." he tosses his now spent devise into a waste bin…
[02:28:54] * Alexia walks off to make her weapon for testing
[02:29:18] <Dracodyne> "Well, faux energizer." She taps the socket on her arm. She doesn't notice Alexia, rather distracted by someone OMG talking nice to her.
[02:29:48] * Dusty runs his finger gently around the socket "What does it do?"
[02:31:57] * Dracodyne eeps, yanking her arm back! "C-careful there! Right now, gives me about 20 amps of 220V sixty-cycle AC.
[02:32:23] <Dusty> "Sorry..did I hurt you?" *he gives her a sad puppy look*
[02:32:53] <Dracodyne> "No, but you came close to sticking your finger in a light socket."
[02:34:29] * Quits: Mycron (moc.xxx|xxx#moc.xxx|xxx) (Exit: Leaving)
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[02:36:38] * TheOtherOnedamnit is now known as TheOtherOne
[02:38:38] <Dusty> "I'm sorry." *he offers Draco more candy…*
[02:40:12] * Dracodyne accepts, sticking it into a pocket for later.
[02:40:52] <Dracodyne> "So… what stuff do you do, Reddot?"
[02:41:23] <Dusty> "Guns and expolsives." *he smiles* "And pranks"
[02:41:29] <Dusty> "You?"
[02:44:43] <Dracodyne> "Just some general tools right now, exploring concepts now that I have access to a workshop. Basically trying out anything electrically powered. Lasers, motors, stuff like that."
[02:44:55] <Dusty> "Cool, wanna study?"
[02:45:23] * Dracodyne blinks. "Study?"
[02:52:26] * Dracodyne scratches her crest. "Study what, I mean?"
[02:52:53] <Dusty> "Chemisty…and other things." *he smiles at her*
[02:53:47] <Dracodyne> "Oh. I don't have any chemistry… not signed up for it this semester."
[02:54:39] <Dusty> "Well, there's math and power's theory…" *he takes her hand in his, stroking it lightly…*
[02:55:23] <Dracodyne> "True, yeah…" she mumbles, biting her lip, tail twitching nervously.
[02:56:44] * Dusty slips a note in her hand, then raises her hand to his lips and kisses her hand "I must take my leave of you. Keep it touch." *he lets go*
[02:58:13] * Dracodyne nods, tail twitching despite a suppressed shiver. "Erhm… ahem, okay. See you later, Dusty."
[02:58:29] <Dusty> the note has his phone number
[02:58:36] * Dusty is now known as Taira-Mai
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