RP LOG: Its all Pink in the end

Involved Charecters: Carnosaur, Cletus, Patches, Toni Bandit

Carnosaur doesn't know it yet, but this kind of thing happens all the time

Carnosaur yawns, waking from his impromptu nap, having burned himself out earlier…it had been a long day. He glances about his room and raises an eyebrow before quietly making his way out. At least his roommate was the tidy sort…guess that's a pro.

Carnosaur shrugs, throwing on his jacket and grabbing the map from the welcoming parcel thing before making his way out. He still had to figure out where the hells he was supposed to be going. And maps were generally not something he was that good with in the first place. Ah well, no time like the present. He eyes the map, making his way down the hallway carefully and down the stairs, clawed hands once more gripping the rail as he does so.

Carnosaur glances around the common room once more before taking his chances with the walk outside. Hopefully this time there would be a lack of panicked cowgirls fleeing in the opposite direction and him making himself look a fool. Well, one out of two would be nice for a change.

Carnosaur hrmms, taking his steps carefully, avoiding making too much noise or indeed falling over too much. A mental note he added - George was shorter than him and fell over first. At least some pride was salvaged this day. Not a lot but…he grinned a bit, slightly sharper than normal teeth visible as he left the cottage and took a deep sniff of the air. Nice and crisp. Maybe this wasn't so bad…

Carnosaur continues his wander, then shakes his head with a slight smirk. What a state this was. Tall lanky, way too bony guy with scales going for a late evening walk on a whim. "Oh yeah, you're losing it now." All his worldly belongings fit in a tattered old backpack and already people were freaking out about him. Predatory? Him? Pah. Not again he'd hope. All he had to do was keep walking, keep following the path…hard to get lost this w

Cletus walks along the path with Patches, a bunch of daisies clutched in his left hand. He grins, and puts one in her hair.

Patches wiggles her ears at the hulking boy beside her, "I think you missed a spot…" she teases, reaching up to take one of the many flowers tucked into her black and white hair down and eat it.

Cletus is mountain of a man for a 14 year old boy - easily over seven and a half feet tall, heavily muscled, and hairy, with a bit of a gut. He has shaggy blonde hair, pointed ears with tufts of hair at the tip, and small tusks protruding from his lower jaw. He is wearing a set of denim overalls with one shoulder strap undone.

Cletus: He smiles, and puts another flower in Patches hair.

Carnosaur continues to wander along, putting his arms behind his head as he rather enjoys his wander, closing his eyes and forgetting that whole paying attention thing. That's a good plan, right? Something about the air. Smelled a lot better than the Jersey air he grew up with. He keeps walking, humming to himself, itching the back of his head with a clawed finger absent mindedly

Cletus: "Ah kin get you sum different flowers iffen yah want. These were just the ones near the quad."

Patches: Carnosaur just doesn't seem to get any luck. He's clear on the other side of the open area between the main campus building and Whitman dorm when he passes upwind of Patches. And just like last time she lets out an echoing bleat of fear! Only this time instead of running she latches onto Cletus' leg like a hydraulic vice.

Carnosaur: "Ok. Maybe this doesn't suck…just got to hope for no more lousy….aw hell no….."

Cletus: "Ah had ta pickem quick, this wierd girl with black hair wuz pulling up thuh bushes."

Cletus: "So Ah couldn't get yah any roses."

Carnosaur stops dead and opens his eyes, hearing that and looks about dejectedly. Not this again!

Cletus: "Whut? Whuts wrong?!" He looks around with a fierce scowl on his face, his black and yellow eyes narrowing, and briefly reflecting the light like an animals.

Patches buries her face in Celtus' waist, whimpering high and shrill as she points upwind.

Cletus puts his hand on her shoulder and looks in the direction she points.

Carnosaur is simply watching dejectedly then stops, realizing he's having to look a bit higher then Patches and at the sight of Cletus…."Aw….crap. Ok. Ok. You can do this Nate. Just remember, in case of emergency bolt like no tomorrow. Gee, thanks self for that fantastic pep talk. No problems….eesh."

Cletus: "Whut did you do tah Patches?" the large student growls.

Patches is back in "Please God don't eat me." mode, ears over her eyes and her tail curled as tightly as she is around Cletus' leg.

Carnosaur freezes and holds his hands up, once again trying the nervous grin. Someone out to tell him that sharp teeth and claws do not make a useful nervous grin with hands of innocence effect, really. "Nothing! Nothing whatsoever! I think maybe accidently bumped into her earlier but I tried to apologize, really I did, deargodsdonotkillmeIreallydidn'tdoanything!"

Cletus stares at the skinny student with narrowed eyes, and looks down at Patches. "Ah ain't gonna let him do anything to you. Relax now. Ah'm here."

Carnosaur is stared at and grins again, nervously as he glances about, obviously considering Plan B already. Fight or Flight reactions were never a strong point of his anyhow. But he does stay where he is, looking somewhat dejected as Patches remains terrified again. "Oh come on! I don't smell! I spent half an hour in the showers to make sure! Really! I did!"

Cletus gently tugs at Patches shoulder, trying to get her to stand without forcing her. "C'mon, he don't look like much. You kin take this guy apart, whut are you scared of?"

Carnosaur once again has his masculinity and manliness kicked while it's down. Twice in one day. This is definitely not his day to go buy a lottery ticket. "Uh….thanks for that."

Patches is trembling, a high keening whimper that only abates when Cletus pats her gently… She looks up at him, only reluctantly allowing herself to be pried off his leg. "He's scary." she insists, nervously chewing on a lock of her hair and the flowers in it.

Carnosaur blinks and almost subconsciously sniffs himself, then just looks somewhat bewildered as he simply remains where he is. Unfortunately he doubted the 'can't see you if you dn't move' theory applied to Cletus, who right now was reminding him why he had a Plan B in the first place….

Cletus: "You…Whut's your name? Why is Patches so scared of you? You got one of them fear aura's?"

Carnosaur: "It's Nate and honestly I don't know. Just scaly eyebrows and knees, nothing more really. She…sort of did this earlier."

Cletus puts an arm around Patches, and stands so that he is between her and Carnosaur.

Cletus: "Ah don't lahk fightin…but iffen yah hurt Patches Ah'll make an exception."

Cletus: "People get hurt when Ah fight…other people." he says for good measure. Just in case the other student thought he was a pushover or something.

Carnosaur again tries the nervous grin. "Don't worry….er…I had nothing of the sort planned. Really. Honestly! Only thing I did was nearly bump into her but she sort of ran first really. No plans to hurt her at all! Not a one!"

Cletus strokes Patches hair as he holds her. "Shh…it's alraight. He ain't gunna hurt ya."

Carnosaur right now knows fear. Right now he knows terror. Right now he knows Cletus. He sort of takes a step to the side, off the path so they can go past…somewhere this is a bad plan really. Going off the path. But deep down in his mind Cletus is an even worse plan so that compensates, clearly.

Patches: The calm reassurances help, as done his tone of voice and most importantly the scent of him. Her hands ball up in his overalls as she grips him tightly, her face still pressed to his back. "He smells like Razorback." she says, her voice mellowing some. "Or like Jimmy did the time he chased be with a bottle of 57 sauce…"

Cletus: "Jimmy did that? Ah'm gunna have a talk with him bout pranks lahk that."

Patches: (( Razorback chased her while wearing a bib and poking at her with a spork. Bloodwolf and a couple of the other ultraviolents have actually tried to eat her. ))

Carnosaur once again sniffs himself and makes a confused sort of face, but keeps himself looking as non hostile as he can, brushing back his hair a bit and trying that nonchalant smile of his. Trying being the key word here. "I really am sorry! Honest! Besides, I'm all skin and bone. Couldn't even if I wanted to. See? Really? Harmless. Yep. Harmless!"

Cletus: "Look…Nate…Ah think yah smell lahk a predator to her. Like a gator or sumthin."

Carnosaur looks less than impressed at that.

Carnosaur: "Wonderful…guess you're going to have to end up calling me the Jersey Gator or something, eh? Look out New York….man this sucks."

Patches is calming down at least. Cletus is an old hand at getting livestock to behave, and the same skills that he learned back on papy's farm work amazing well on Patches. "He smells kind of like Thuban too…"

Cletus gives Patches a tight hug, and looks her in the eye. "He cain't help how he smells, but you kin control how yah act. You're a strong woman. Ah know you kin be stronger than yore nose." His voice is smooth and confident, which sounds odd coming from such a brutish looking student.

Carnosaur sort of stands there, feeling a bit odd as he watches but of course tries to keep himself as non threatening as possible. Ok. Maybe Cletus wasn't that bad when not being intimidating. He smiles, avoiding the grin - the grin seemed to be having the opposite effect and carefully made his way around the edge of the path. "I'm sure it'll work out! Really!"

Carnosaur sort of gives a somewhat friendly wave as he carefully keeps down the path, trying to not bolt himself in case of angry Cletus suspecting just about anything, glancing back once more and giving a slight smile. Cute couple. Really. At least someone could make Patches stop cowering in terror. But a mental note was added - find someone about the scent and double check to see if he was becoming a Jersey Gator. Because that would suck.

Cletus: "Ah's real sorry about this Nate…Ah don't think yah tried ta do anythin…But Patches is kinda sensitive about some things."

Carnosaur: "It's ok! Really! Don't worry about it! I'll try not to startle her again. You two enjoy your walk, ok?"

Patches can lift a car over her head. And Nate still tickles that instinctive part of her brain that makes her want to run into the middle of the herd when she smells him. Lacking any herd in sight, she settles for being really clingy to Cletus. "I'm sorry." she sighs, to both of them.

Cletus strokes her hair and kisses her on the nose. "Ain't nuthin ta be sorry for."

Carnosaur: "What he said. Really. But I'm going to be wandering now. Really, enjoy your walk you two. You'll probably find some roses about somewhere, I'm sure. Maybe keep an ear out for me falling into them at this rate."

Toni_Bandit: The small rail thin girl with the bright red and black faintly luminous eyes , wide grinning mouth full of sharp teeth and long clawed fingers and toes crept along the branch a small bit of saliva ran from her chin and hung swaying in the light breeze as she watched the odd group from downwind .

Patches sighs and leans against her man mountain, sniffing his sleeve to calm herself… Unaware of the danger lurking…

Carnosaur continues down the path, wandering on his way as he does and eventually getting back onto the path. (FTB)

Toni_Bandit: She was more than a bit annoyed as first that goofus Cletus showed up then another predator …how was she ever gonna eat the cowgirl at this rate , she ran her hands through her make shift indian head dress and adjusted the common room rug which she had butchered to make her indian vest and loin cloth and her war paint was donated by anyone in whitman who was unlucky enough to leave their door unlocked .

Cletus: ((Snerk))

Patches: (( SEE! I told ya people were trying ta eat me! ))

Patches: "Thank you." she mumbles to Cletus, running her thick fingers through her hair to fix it a little. And of course those sweet little yellow flowers he picked get snacked on.

Toni_Bandit: she scampered along the branches occasionally hopping from one to another like a ADD riddled ninja , still slathered on perfume or warrior musk as Toni called it only did so much to hide the scent of blood and dead things as she slowly neared patches

Cletus: "Ain't nuthin. Ah'm glad Ah was here."

Patches: Oddly it's not the stench that clues her. So long as Toni stays downwind there's no chance of that. But she makes a fair amount of noise, and Patches ears swivel around to point in her direction. She turns to look, and fails to see anything.

Toni_Bandit: she balanced herself on the thin swaying tree branch and held aloft the rather fearsome frosting knife which still bore the stain of pink frosting as did Toni's lips , she lined up her shot and spoke in a loud clear voice "Pink frosting knife you have never failed me and I've always recovered you after every shot , if ever you came from the kitchen of the true king under the mountain strike true old friend "

Toni_Bandit: and with those words and a quick flick of her wrist the frosting knife whizzed through the air

Patches: Only someone totally unable to see colors could fail to see the red striped monster hanging from the tree. It's the motion of the knife throw that actually alerts her, but by then it's too late. The icing knife hits her in the face with a wet "THUNK" sound and she topples backwards, her hair flying up around her face when she lands. Yup… There's an icing knife stuck a few inches into her face.

Cletus: "Patches! Nooo!" Cletus goes to his knees, screaming into the night sky.

Toni_Bandit: there was a quick victory dance than a realization that she just killed patches and that may well mean two weeks detention

Goa: ((What…. the hell))

Toni_Bandit: Discretion being the better part of Valor she high tailed it through the branches and tree's and would be back later with her sister for the carcass

Patches lays on the ground, limp and motionless, the cake knife in her face still quivering as the slender steel blade trembles with the memory of the impact.

Cletus: After a moment Cletus realizes something. "Uh, Patches? That's a rubber icing knife."

Patches: "Iths naawt rubbar." Patches groans, blinking and brushing her hair from her face. "Iths up ma nowse."

Cletus: "Uh…is it stuck?"

Cletus: "When Ah find who did this, Ah'm gonna shave them and toss them out in the woods."

Patches: "Ah Doont knaaw." she says, still flat on her back and more than a little shocked to realize someone just threw a knife into her face. 'Ithches."

Cletus: "Uh…want me tah pull it out?"

Patches: "Aye Goth ith." She mumbles, reaching up and yanking the icing knife free. Which is a mistake, because it REALLY STINGS. She squeals, coughing as pink froth comes out of her abused nostril.

Cletus: "Oohh…Thayut don't look good."

Patches wipes some of the froth off her nose, and then licks it. "It's cherry…" she groans. "Cherry frosting."

Cletus: "Whut the hell?"

Patches: She tries to sniff the handle, sneezes violently, and then coughs up more frosting.

Cletus helps Patches to her feet. "You want to go to the infirmary?"

Patches wobbles as she gets to her hooves. "I think that might be a good idea…"

Cletus: "Raight. Let me get yah there." With that he picks her up and cradles her in his arms as he jogs to Doyle.

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