RPlog: Delicious Waves of Grain

Characters Involved: Graminoid , Patches

Graminoid exits his Power Theory class, hanging towards the back of the main flood of students. The House of Sedges found the lesson quite engaging, but the two other houses are of a somewhat more mixed opinion. The Avatar has not publicized an opinion on the matter. The sound of hooves clicking on tile echos off the floor, Patches about as suited to stealth as a dump truck. She's smitten, infatuated, totally focused on what might be her greatest dream. A mound of fresh grass taller than she is.
Graminoid ignores the sound of hooves, not particularly odd at Whateley, and strides down the hallway, adjusting his jacket as he does so. His hair stands at around four inches right now, and is a deep green. A considerable, soft weight presses against his back as Patches walks straight into him and hugs him tightly. "God you smell good…"
Graminoid stops walking following this unexpected occurrence, and attempts to turn around to view the source of this. He also cranes his neck around to attempt get a better view, not yet saying anything, pending a decision by the House of Poaceae.
Patches has a strong grip, but she's more interested in not letting him get away than simply turn around. Patches is rather compact of form, only a little over five feet tall. When he looks down at her he gets an eye full of wide pink nose and large brown eyes.

Graminoid looks over the strange creature, preparing to give the stock greeting, when it is motioned that a more carefully crafted statement is in order. A quick strategy vote is held, and the House of Poaceae is commanded to act in a beneficent manner, and to mimic being surprised. "Um…Thank you for the compliment?"
Patches presses her cheek to his chest, running her nose along the seam of his shirt. "Its… delicious…" she sighs, leaning into his arms.

Graminoid looks around at the other students, noting their reactions. He looks down at Patches again, the House of Sedges requesting that social information be gathered. "May I ask of you your name," pausing before appending a quick, "fair maiden?"
Her large ears shoot up as he calls her fair maiden, and the start of a blush colors her muzzle. "I'm Patches." she says softly. "What's your name? I haven't smelled you around here before…"
Graminoid is glad to know that 'Fair maiden' was the optimal thing to say. "I am known as Graminoid," he begins, "but you may call me John if you wish."
"John." she says softly, gently running her black hand up and down his chest. "I…" She lifts her head, her gaze going past his eyes to his shock of brilliant emerald hair. "Can I touch your hair?"
Graminoid raises an eyebrow, the various commissions of the Congress in heated debate. Viewed externally, he thinks for a moment, then acquiesces. "I suppose, if you wish to do so."

Patches reaches up, her hand following the contour of first his chest, than his neck as she runs her thick fingers through the dense grass on his head. She inhales deeply as she rustles his hair, loosing herself in the scent of the perfect lawn. Without warning she pulls a few blades free.
Graminoid holds still, but once a few blades are pulled free, the rest of his hair retracts to a very short turf, as deemed advisable by the House of Rushes. Graminoid raises a bluegrass eyebrow.

Patches brings the blades down to her nose and sniffs them, her eye lashes fluttering as she enjoys that crist scent of fresh cut grass. She licks her lips, then quickly eats them with throaty sounds of pleasure.
Graminoid blinks in surprise. The House of Rushes and the House of Sedges are screaming that they are in the hands of a predator, but the House of Poaceae insists that the situation can still be turned to their advantage, and that wait to engage in battle loses them no opportunity. Recalling a prior encounter, they state, "I would have appreciated some warning before you did that."

She looks a little drunk at first, swaying a tad as the freshest flavor she's ever had blossoms on her tongue. "Warning…" she sighs, than blinks a few times and seems to be more aware. "Oh! Did that hurt?"
"Not particularly, but it is somewhat disconcerting."
Patches blushes more. "I'm sorry!" she bleats. "I… You… You're just so Fresh and Tasty!"
Graminoid smiles slightly, while the House of Sedges files that potential self-description away for later use. The House of Poaceae responds, "I do what I may, in order to avoid begrudging others the diet their biology requires of them."

Patches watches him carefully, clasping her hands together in front of her waist as she dances from side to side with a constant clatter. "Thank you." she says, looking up to him, fixating on some aspect of his face for a long stare before looking away with a blush.
Graminoid turns to the side, with a gesture intended to imply that they should walk in the same direction while continuing to talk. The House of Sedges carefully records the reaction of Patches. "Are you always such a friendly person?"

Patches begins to walk with him, her ears cocked up and hanging on his words. "Me? Friendly? I guess?" She doesn't speculate about herd instincts as applied to halfbreeds.
Graminoid nods, and steers the conversation in a new direction. "What manner of powers do you have?"
"Me?" she asks, her eyes drawn time and time again to his. "I got cow powers. Which I would say sucks, but you got grass power so I can't complain."

Graminoid is offended by the implication that grass is weak, but manages to not display as such. "Well, as the Avatar of the Congress of the Spirits of the Grasses of Earth, I am able to shift my form into a variety of useful forms, which I would hardly classify as detrimental." OK, maybe they display a little bit.
Patches's eyes get wiiiiiiide. "You can grow MORE kinds of grass!!!!" She looks at him with doe eyes, going so far as to let slip a small moo.

Graminoid suspects that may have been the wrong thing to say, but still chooses to demonstrate. He holds up one arm, the one opposite Patches, which takes on the texture of bamboo, and extends to nearly double its former length. Patches promptly tries to lick his arm before he can get out of range.
Graminoid takes the opening to use his normal arm to catch her in a headlock while she licks his bamboo arm. "You are going to keep doing that, I greatly suspect."

Patches doesn't really seem to mind being held like that. it's not like he's harming her. And despite her generous figure she's got muscles like iron bars. "Just one bite? Pleeeeeeease?"
"Suppose I were to ask of you the same?"
She lets out a confused moo, and then tries to twist around and look at him. "You want to eat me?" she asks. He wouldn't be the first person to try. "I've already been milked this morning, but by dinner time? If you want to trade?"

Graminoid doesn't reply, as Patches statement has managed to stun all three Houses of the Congress into silence.

Patches smiles and takes that as a yes. "Ok! I'll have you for dinner!" she says cheerfully. She stands up with strength thats to be expected of an ox, breaking his grip in a moment of his weakness. "See you than!" she bubbles, trotting away with her tail swining happily.
Graminoid watches Patches leave, when the full implication of her statement sinks in. He starts to flag her back, but she has already vanished by this point. The Congress begins to debate the optimum manner to resolve this issue….

((Patches: heheheeee! Fade to Black ))

Continued in Part Two

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