RPLog: Port Innsmouth

In which everyone sleeps with the fishes

A little bit current events, mixed with a little bit of Lovecraft, and the Mermaid Apocalypse combine in this ill fated Sim Run

<Terry‘> ((So are people up for some RP?))
<peer> ((sure))
<Richard_Grey> ((yepyep))
<Terry`> ((Subtle?))
<Subtle> ((suresure))
<Terry`> ((And any ideas for a scene?))
<Subtle> ((sorry, slightly unfocused at the moment. Ned to find some caffeine))
<Terry`> ((no ideas for a scene? Want me to just start something rather generic?))
<Subtle> ((nothing comes to mind right now, let me see if I have anything in notes))
<Richard_Grey> ((I’ve got nothing springing to mind or in notes
<Spot> (( Hmmm… I'd wanted to do a Sim Run, but it would kill you all I'm pretty sure. ))
<peer> ((oh?))
<Spot> (( /me nods. ))
<Richard_Grey> ((Sim run would be good for me, want to bring a team or just a person?))
<Terry‘> ((I could do a sim run. I’d probably use either Focus or Lightstep.))
<Subtle> ((I thought most of our characters would be too young for Sims))
<Spot> (( First off, a few caveats. First, I'd be trying to kill all participants. Second, you'll all be dropped into the middle of an apocalypse. ))
<Spot> (( And yes, most of you guys are too young. But it's more for fun than anything. ))
<Terry‘> (( Sounds like it could be fun. ))
<Richard_Grey> ((Sounds like fun, how much gear are we allowed to bring? Two of my chars are sophs, I’ll use one of them))
<Subtle> ((could be interesting :) ))
<Subtle> ((and a chance to cut loose a little too))
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<Spot> (( First off, how many people do we have? ))
<Lightstep> (( Me))
<Locke_> ((I’m in))
<Subtle> ((sure))
<Spot> (( three? ))
<Spot> (( Can you tell me your powers please? ))
<peer> (I'm in)
<Locke_> ((Wiz-2 En-1, Wiz ability is bound in the form of a deck of minor curses (A direct rip of She-Devil), and enchanted armoured trenchcoat and five pre-prepared lightning spells, en-1 is the ability to electrify his left hand, which is enhanced by a capacitor built into the glove. Also carries an assault rifle (two spare clips) and a quarterstaff slung on his back)
<Locke_> ((Feel free to veto any of them))
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<Spot> I'm going to bet he doesn't carry the rifle and staff around with him all day?
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<Locke_> ((No, this is his *costume gear, normally he has everything except the gun and body armour))
<Innsmouth_Port> (( fair enough. What caliber gun and how many rounds per clip? ))
<Subtle> (( spatial awareness, akin to a 360-degree radar 'sight' that sees by sensing boundaries, and an ICly ill-defined and still developing warper ability to manipulate space along those boundaries, the main known effect being the ability to form non-dimensional 'blades' that can cut through pretty much anything by temporarily severing the space it is contained within))
<Lightstep> ((Lightstep has bodily modifications given to him by a bio-devisor who kidnapped him at a young age, essentially giving him general exemplar abilities especially quick movement and reflexes. He was trained since he was young in various styles of combat and likes to use a sword. He escaped from the mad scientist when he manifested as a mutant, his mutant ability is to walk in the air by creating glowing platforms of light.))
<Locke_> ((5.56x45mm NATO, 30 rounds a clip. (G36, no customizations or vision enhancement sights)))
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<Port_Innsmouth> Light: Do those modifications have any weakness to a particular element? Does he regen?
<Port_Innsmouth> Subtle: What is te radius of his power, and what blocks it? Can he 'see' through solid objects? Liquids?
<Port_Innsmouth> Locke:You have good taste in guns. I approve. =)
<Lightstep> ((Better healing than a baseline, heals very quickly from small cuts and bruises, but not a real regen. He doesn't have any specific weakness from the modifications.))
<Subtle> ((Depends on how much he concentrates, and he's still experimenting with it. Normally it functions like 360-degree sight that does not require light, but cannot see colours or similar untextured details. Range is about equivalent to human sight in dim light. IF he concentrates, he can push his vision to see through lighter materials or see in more detail but it is draining to do so))
Subtle is once again slightly creeped out by USian gun obsessions…
<Locke_> ((Hehe, I'm just using one of the two guns I know the name of and looking the rest up on wikipedia))
<Port_Innsmouth> « Sim Run Port Innsmouth Start »
<Port_Innsmouth> As the environment rezzes up the team finds themselves in a coast guard helicopter, the SLAP SLAP SLAP of the blades making it hard to hear anything not on the intercom. They're flying over water, a sandy coast visible in the distance.
Locke_ does a quick once over of his gear, ensuring the safety is on on the rifle and trying to work out were his staff has been stowed on this contraption.
<Subtle> ((I have no idea what sort of uniforms or whatever characters should be in for a run.))
<Port_Innsmouth> A voice crackles over the com, "The hurricane hit this part of the coast hardest. We haven't gotten any communications from Port Innsmouth since the storm surge hit. We can see the devastation was near absolute. We really appreciate you guys helping us with disaster recovery."
<Port_Innsmouth> (( wear what ever you like? Costume, fatigues, school uniform? ))
Subtle looks around the motley collection in the heavy helicopter once again, before again wondering why he's here.
<Locke_> ((If it's a rescue op, I'd go with costume/fatigues if your char has any, but that's just me))
<Locke_> "Check on that, have you got any information on the size of the town or what we should try to achieve first?"
<Subtle> ((I don't think he has anything of the sort. He's one of the students who has no intention of super heroics/villainy, so has never thought about a costume))
<Port_Innsmouth> They can see a barrier island coming up beneath them, debris scattered all over like a child's game of pick up sticks. Trees uprooted, homes scoured to the foundation, boats tossed ashore.
Lightstep , with one hand grips onto the frame of the helicopter, and with the other holds his sword steady in it's place on his hip. He stays silent as he looks at the island.
<Port_Innsmouth> "The town's tiny. We figure that's why no one's responded. They're probably all injured. We're going to put into the naval air base ten miles away for fuel, than return here in two hours."
<Locke_> "Affirmative." He says before continuing sarcastically, eying up the others on the helicopter. "It's probably just a power outage, don't suppose with a have a techie here do we?"
Lightstep slowly shakes his head, then remembering something, he pulls his long hair back into ponytail.
<Port_Innsmouth> The group has a few moments to get to know each other as the helicopter nears a depressingly ravaged coast line. The weather is warm and muggy, with the sky bright in the aftermath of the storm.
Subtle glances to the others and shrugs, saying something that is lost in the roar of the helicopter engines.
<Locke_> ((If we're time skipping can we assume rough outlines of other abilities?))
Lightstep smiles at Subtle, "I didn't think I'd be seeing you here."
<Port_Innsmouth> (( sure. just let me know when you're ready to land. ))
<Locke_> ((don't mind, you two want to rp the descent?))
Subtle shrugs to Lightstep and shakes his head, "me either… dunno what use I am to something like this…"
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Lightstep shrugs, "You can cut apart rubble to help save people?"
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Subtle mutters something about 'so much for realism…' and tugs at the loose-fitting hoodie that is the closest thing he has to a costume. "oh great… jaws of life man…"
Locke_ raises an eyebrow. "When have you ever been in a sim when something doesn't go wrong?"
Subtle shrugs, glancing around to see who the question was directed to.
Locke_ chuckles over the com. "Locke, petty warlock with an assault rifle, I don't believe we've met."
<Port_Innsmouth> As they near the town they can see a dirty black plume rising into the sky from the ocean, where an oil rig offshore of Port Innsmouth burns.
Lightstep smiles at Lock, the glances at the black smoke, "That doesn't look good."
<Port_Innsmouth> (( you guys ready? ))
<Locke_> ((as I'm going to be, char is currently biting back snappy remarks))
<Lightstep> ((I'm ready))
<Subtle> ((same, but replace 'snappy' with 'bitter and self-conscious'))
<Subtle> (( :) ))
<Port_Innsmouth> They pass over what was once a pleasure pier, now a tumbled mess of yachts blown to bits and tossed into the town square. What used to be the town has been flushed into the bay, leaving plenty of places for the helo to set down. It lands softly, the load master throwing open the doors.
<Port_Innsmouth> "We're BINGO on fuel! We're going to tank at the base! Be back in two hours!"
Locke_ jumps quickly out the helo, eyes scrabbling for his staff. Finally spying it in with the safety gear he tries to wrest it free, assault rifle dangling from a strap on his shoulder.
Lightstep calmly leaps out and onto the ground, turning in a full circle to get his bearings on the town.
Subtle lingers for a long moment before uncertainly clambering out of the helicopter, gaze skimming across the surrounding devastation.
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<Port_Innsmouth> The helicopter starts to lift as soon as they're out, heading south east across the bay. It dropped them in what's left of a park. A swingset stands off to one side, the seat of the swing shoved halfway through a downed palm tree near it.
Lightstep turns to Locke, "What course of action do you think is most prudent?"
Locke_ just manages to pull his staff free onto his back, settling it into the holder on his back as he looks around. "I honestly have no idea. But checking the streets for people seems like a good start to me."
Lightstep nods, "I suppose that will work."
Locke_ looks at Subtle, "What do you think?"
Subtle shrugs, remaining silent for a long moment before replying, "… I don't know… "
<Port_Innsmouth> Once the helicopter is gone the only sound is their voices and the rustle of blowing debris. It's quiet, doubly so after the pounding of the helo ride. They can smell ugly chemical smoke on the sea breeze, and other less pleasant things.
<Locke_> "Well… Left or right?"
Lightstep walks to the nearest street and stops, trying to decide where survivors would most likely be.
<Port_Innsmouth> To the north of them are where the debris are the highest. To the south is a clean sweep of pale sand. West is the bay, and east is the remains of a trailer park.
Locke_ follows Lightstep, scanning the surrounding are for anything out of place.
<Port_Innsmouth> Does a shrimp boat upside down in a swimming pool choked with water weed count as out of place?
Subtle follows the pair, watching his surroundings while wondering inwardly why he is here and dreading the after-action report of his uselessness in a situation like this.
<Locke_> ((Not really, Locke only has a vague idea of what a hurricane disaster sight should look like, not having run a sim like it before))
Lightstep blinks a few times as he stares at the boat in the pool.
<Port_Innsmouth> (( the main part of the city is north of yall, FYI. But it's obvious all the homes around here have been first flooded and them blown over. ))
Locke_ follows Lightstep's gaze and concentrates on the rest of the environment, wishing one of his usual team were here.
Lightstep points north, "It looks most of the town is that way, more chance for survivors."
<Locke_> "If you say so, doesn't appear to be anything here except for debris." He looks around again. "I thought there'd be more bodies." He adds somewhat absentmindedly.
Lightstep shrugs, "Carried away by water, or possible evacuated." He starts walking north.
Subtle shrugs, "guess they didn' want to freak us too much…"
<Port_Innsmouth> (( does anyone want to pick through a rolled trailer or collapsed house? ))
Locke_ 's mouth quirks upwards as he follows along behind Lightstep, finger resting on the safety of his rifle.
<TheOtherOne> <Locke_> ((My character's more used to be being body guard/second than the leader, so only if someone else does))
<Subtle> (looks like Lightstep is in the lead here)
<Port_Innsmouth> As they head north away from the park they start to see more standing salt water. There are streets here, with power lines and telephone poles laying across them. The streets still have cars on them, although it looks like a giant played pinball with even the largest of them.
Lightstep continues walking, looking at every building and car to see if there is any sign of life.
Locke_ checks one of the cars in the center of the road a little more intently, searching for any sign of a driver…
<Port_Innsmouth> casual glances at collapsed homes do not indicate any corpses or other physical remains of the occupants. The same goes for all the cars. No drivers, no passengers.
Lightstep looks towards Subtle, "Have you seen any people, dead or alive?"
Subtle has been walking quietly behind the other two in silence, staring at the ground a dozen paces ahead. As Lightstep looks over he shakes his head.
Locke_ backs slowly away from the car. "Okay, this is just freaky." His eyes dart around the rest of the wrecks. "Guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad tidings, but I think someone was here before us."
Subtle blinks, glancing again as if another brief look will suddenly reveal everything, "so… why're we here then"
Lightstep sighs and continues walking deeper into the city.
<Locke_> "Because whoever took all the drivers probably wasn't doing it with there best interest at heart." He sweeps round. "No blood trails… Great."
Locke_ suddenly checks for the others in the group and shoulders his weapon, joggin after them.
Lightstep slowly draws his sword, holding it loosely by his side.
<Port_Innsmouth> (( when did he get a sword? ))
<Lightstep> ((Uh… since the beginning?))
Locke_ nods as he catches up with them, barely breathing hard. "Damn good idea. I don't think we're alone."
<Lightstep> ((Look at my first post in the helicopter.))
<Port_Innsmouth> (( Huh. Point. ))
Lightstep nods, glancing back at Subtle, "Be ready to do your cutting thing."
Subtle blinks
<Subtle> "wh.., what?"
<Port_Innsmouth> The strip mall they enter sure seems to indicate that they're all alone on the island. The Maverick Mart sign has cracked at it's base and driven through the Tshirt store, and for some reason pink flip flops are scattered all over the parking lot. From the clearish spots of the parking lot they can see the bay to their east.
<Locke_> The corner of Locke's mouth twitches as he takes in the scene, absentmindedly clicking the rifle onto semi-auto as he looks around. "I am really beginning to wish I'd taken devining." He says to no one in particular. "I don't suppose anyone has an esper trait that'll find this thing?"
Subtle blinks, rubbing one temple and picking up a handful of scattered shards of glass with his other hand, "find what?"
Lightstep shakes his head, "Nope. Although I am tempted to make a loud noise to draw attention to ourselves. However stupid that may be, it would most likely speed our search."
Locke_ throws an odd look at Subtle. "Whateley sims, no bodies. Something is going to try and kill us. It always does."
Subtle blinks and stares at Locke for a long moment, "how'm I supposed to know that… this is the first f**ing time I've been here…"
<Port_Innsmouth> Speaking of loud noises… They're the only noise in town so far aside from the wind. They've wandered almost through the center of what passes for downtown Port Innsmouth, brightly colored tourist shops smashed to shiney bits. A brown sign wedged in a brick wall says the ferry landing is near bye.
Locke_ looks a little abashed. "Ah, sorry. Thought you'd all been through this before to be dumped in a random group like this. But trust me on this one, something will attack us. I'm edging towards zombies right now."
<Lightstep> "Zombies? Hmm… depending on how many, that wouldn't be too bad. This isn't a big city or anything. Still, I don't like fighting large groups."
<Locke_> "With three of us, I'd rather not. Besides, we've passed the shopping mall, surely they'd have hit us there if they were going to."
Subtle continues to stare at Locke before shaking his head and kicking a chunk of debris through he remnants a nearby shop window, "why the hell am I even here… x.x"
Lightstep smiles at Subtle, "For the adventure, of course!"
Locke_ immediately trains his rifle on the window, staring into it.
<Locke_> *and slipping into a crouch.
<Port_Innsmouth> There's a shark in that window. It's standing on it's nose, the half bitten surf board that had been in it's mouth now pushed through it's plaster and plywood body.
Locke_ relaxes a little as he fails to find anything moving. "Maybe they're just trying to scare us to death."
Lightstep nods, "And lull us into a false sense of security, no doubt."
<Locke_> "Yeah, something like that." He says, slowly rising to his feet. "I always wonder who programs these things. That shark is just weird."
<Lightstep> "Such a small detail too."
Subtle glances between Lightstep and Locke, his expression blank and confused.
<Locke_> The corner of Locke's mouth twitches again. "I wish you hadn't said that."
<Port_Innsmouth> (( movement options! East to the bay, North to the Ferry, South to the ruined homes, West to the ruined downtown. ))
<Locke_> "It gives me this warm, fuzzy, herded feeling." He slings the rifle over one shoulder. "So, do we go look at the nice detail trail or head down the street?"
Lightstep shrugs, "I think we should head further downtown," he says, pointing west.
Locke_ throws a glance in Subtle's direction, checking him over to see if he's okay with everything…
Subtle gives a resigned shrug.
<Port_Innsmouth> To the immediate west is the ruins of another trailer park, with what looks like a large pond or small lake at the tail end of it as the flood waters pool at the lower points. They'll either have to cross the scummy water there or go north and see if they can get around.
Lightstep looks at the water as they approach, "Hmm… perfect place to be ambushed, don't you think?"
Locke_ stops a good ten metres from the waters edge, sizes it up again, and takes a couple of steps back. "Yeah. All we need is a dwarven door."
Locke_ checks the safety on his rifle, blinking as he finds it in semi-auto. "When did I do that…" He mutters softly to himself before leaving it as it is.
<Port_Innsmouth> The water looks to be about hip deep, from the way it's covering the occasional mailbox and overturned car.
<Locke_> As no one seems to be doing anything, Locke lines his sights up with the center of the water debating with himself as to whether he should pull the trigger, electricute it, or leave it alone.
Lightstep looks to the other two, "If you want, we could walk over it."
Subtle glances to the two others, staring into the water and trying to look past the murk.
Locke_ drops out from his ready position and looks at Lightstep, a grim forming at the corner of his mouth. "Why not. Why the hell not." He says to himself, safing the gun and dropping it to his side.
<Locke_> "Mind if I try to lure first?"
Lightstep nods.
Locke_ stretches out his shoulders a bit as he approaches the water. "I hope one of you is covering my six." Raising his left hand up in the air, he flexes it, and LED amongst the random mis-mash of electronics on the back starts glowing slightly.
<Locke_> After a period of about thirty seconds, Locke kneels down at the waters edge, slamming his hand into the its surface, discharching a high voltage burst into it…
Lightstep watches for a second before turning his gaze back the way they came.
Subtle blinks and winces slightly, stepping back from the water.
<Locke_> ((About the same voltage/energy as the shock paddles used in resuscitation, but a little less))
<Port_Innsmouth> He makes a splash when he charges the water, but thats about it.
Locke_ darts back from the edge, hand hovering near the butt of his gun. "Huh," He says slowly, wiping the remnants of the water off on his trousers. "No tentacles, I'm almost disappointed."
Lightstep nods, "This is getting a tad tiresome."
<RachelParkes> ((Suddenly GHOULS!))
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<RachelParkes> ((couldn't resist, sorry))
<Locke_> ((Summons demon to keep Rachel occupied))
<RachelParkes> ((The ghouls all gang up on the demon because it happens to be the closest target))
<Locke_> "Agreed. Well, let's go and get eaten by the swamp monster."
<peer> ((/me drags RachelParkes back to the depths of #whateley-ooc ))
<RachelParkes> ((aww))
Lightstep steps above the water, light flaring underneath his feet, he motions for the other two to step on.
Locke_ looks at it appreciatively and jumps up. "Thanks, I wasn't looking forward to getting my shoes wet."
<Locke_> ((Prods Subtle))
Subtle uncertainly steps on
Lightstep puts his other foot forward and another light appears in forward of them and a bit higher, "These things only hold while one of my feet are on them, so we'll have to walk in step."
Locke_ puts both feet firmly on the second light. "Alright, let's do this."
<TheOtherOne> age. Those you e eneme en
<TheOtherOne> ((Ack, sorry, slip :/))
<Lightstep> Slowly taking steps as the other two walk along with him, they move higher and higher above the water as they cross.
<Locke_> ((Do we make it to the other side))
<Port_Innsmouth> (( sorry, got work busy. How high over the water are they? ))
<Locke_> ((?))
<Port_Innsmouth> (( as they walk on the light discs? ))
<Port_Innsmouth> (( And I'll need a number between one and 20 from each of you. ))
<Subtle> ((7))
<Locke_> ((11))
<Lightstep> ((Uhh he probably takes them up to about twenty feet ))
<Lightstep> ((13))
<Port_Innsmouth> (( Umm, I'm going to god mod a bit here, since Lightstep flubbed the roll, Locke just missed it, and Subtle isn't the one keeping them all in the air. ))
<Locke_> ((fair enough))
<Lightstep> (( ^_^ ))
<Port_Innsmouth> As they walk up over the water the humanoid shapes Subtle saw blur into action, lashing up with brilliant purple and pink tentacles! With his advanced warning Subtle is able to throw him self out of the way.
<Port_Innsmouth> Locke reacts quickly enough to avoid most of them, but one slaps across his legs. When it hits it delivers a shock as intense as the one he gave out, and a hefty load of agony inducing toxins.
Subtle yelps, twisting out of the way of the tentacles as they bend and twist unnaturally about him.
<Port_Innsmouth> Lightstep gets it worst of all, the pink whips almost guided to him as they stretch around his disk. Three of them hit him, one across his legs, one across his torso, and one over his arms and face. He gets a zap from each of them, and a full load of jellyfish toxin injected!.
<Port_Innsmouth> (( Gentlemen, you've just been bitch slapped by a giant Portuguese man o war. ))
Lightstep swings his sword as the tentacles hit him, slicing at them before the full impact of the shock and toxin registers. The light disappears as he falls off to the side.
Locke_ gasps, doubling over through both the pain and the toxins, loosing his balance and tumbling off the light path, falling twenty feet and landing hard on his back, the cushioning water and armour stopping him from breaking his spine, but is otherwise winded.
Subtle topples as the lighttrails vanish under his feet, falling with them into the water.
Lightstep catches himself right before his head hits the water, he's hanging by his foot, suspended by a small ball of light.
<Port_Innsmouth> Dozens of shapes move invisibly beneath the water, converging on Locke and Subtle. Locke's legs are on fire, the toxins making his muscles cramp as the weight of his armor and guns pulls him down into waiting jaws.
Locke_ struggles to pull himself out of the water on what little breath he has left, clawing to reach the surface as his armours soaks with water and his legs fail to respond.
Lightstep groans, as he tries to regain his bearings. It takes him several seconds to realize that he's upside-down.
<Locke_> With his last thought before being devoured Locke activates one of his cantrips, a full blown lightning bolt emerging from his left hand as the scene goes blank. He awakes in the sim room to a computerized voice informing ever so politely that he just lost. Badly.
<Port_Innsmouth> The toxins are doing the same to Lightstep, his muscles contracting hard enough to make his bones creak as fire washes across his every nerve ending. Again the tentacles slap up for him, hitting him again as he dangles and pulling him into the water.
<Port_Innsmouth> Trying to pull him into the water.
<Port_Innsmouth> They stop when Locke's dead man's trap activates, the tentacles touching him carrying the charge up into his body as well.
Lightstep manages to slice a tentacle or two before his arms start to go completely numb, and then the shock comes, making him collapse and fall into the water.
<Port_Innsmouth> The predators in the water are stunned and dazed by the shock… it's a toss up if the paralyzed Lightstep drowns before they recover enough to eat him too.
Lightstep is rendered unconscious, but is not aware enough to determine which source of death would become his end.
<peer> ((Port_Innsmouth: can we do this again in a bit? I'd like to join in. but I need to go air up the tires on my truck.))
<Port_Innsmouth> (( I've got to get home now. But I wouldn't mind taking a different group out and seeing how well they fare. ))
<Port_Innsmouth> Subtle drags himself onto a overturned car, using the axle like a ladder to get out of the water. He's still touching it when the lightning strike surges through the water, his hands clamped on the metal shaft that brings the heartstopping revenge of Locke to him as well.
<Port_Innsmouth> Ten minutes later the fish recover, Subtle's body slowly dragged into the water. An hour later when the Helo returns, Port Innsmouth is silent again.

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