Delicious Waves Of Grain, part 2

A few hours after Part One

Involved Charecters: Graminoid, Patches, Kudzu

Graminoid slowly walks into the Hall of Crystal. The Congress has decided to go through with the trade, in the hopes of somehow gaining future benefit. The Avatar of the Congress of the Spirits of the Grasses of Earth bypasses the Special Service line, and instead heads to stand next to an empty table, not yet sitting down.

Kudzu hurries to the Crystal Hall as well, having noticed Graminoid crossing the quad this direction, hoping this isn't going to turn into some sort of horror scene, and finds a table a fair distance from Graminoid to wait and watch.
Graminoid nods to Kudzu, and stands straight, the House of Rushes berating the rest of the Congress for their nervousness. Kudzu waves across the room, smiling encouragingly over the shoulders of the seated students eating and chattering all around.
Patches seems to be the only one not worried or otherwise effected by the dinner plans. She's humming happily and strolling happy as you please into the cafeteria, following a slightly wandering path to Graminoid. "Hi!" she bubbles when she approaches, one arm going to the satchel over her shoulder.
Graminoid nods to Patches as well, the House of Sedges guessing about the possible contents of the satchel. The House of Poaceae replies to her. "Likewise, Beneficent Greetings to you."
Patches reaches in and produces a liter thermos, the kind used to keep coffee hot. She plunks it down on the table, her eyes on his face as she licks her lips. "So, there's my part…" she says…

Kudzu waits and watches, idly poking at a tray of food she collected, small samplings of various foods, she hasn't been hungry since she changed months ago, but it seemed like the thing to do since she was here anyway.
Graminoid pulls a chair out for Patches. "I have been wondering what the optimal way to go about this exchange, and would like to hear the plan you have arrived at."
Patches points at his head, "Well… You can make your hair grow long right?" she asks. "I figured I'd just keep croppin away at that."
Graminoid suspected as much. "That could lead to some difficulties in regards to positioning." The house of Rushes raises up a mixed variety of grains from the skin of his left arm. "This might be more agreeable, and allow both of us to be seated."
Patches leans in and sniffs the grain. Nice, but not as tempting a scent as the grasses…. "Can't do both?" she asks, a distinct pout on her wide face.

Kudzu relaxes seeing that Patches seems to be very calm and pleasant about it, and tries a bite of cereal. making a face, she quickly swallows the awful stuff and pushes the bowl aside.
"My apologies, my first thought was towards grasses more traditionally considered to be edible." Some of the grains transmute into long green blades, soft and devoid of the razor edge normally applied. She sits on the seat next to his, his arm in her odd colored hands as she sniffs and lets out a sharp little moo of desire. THIS, is more like it. She looks up at him with quivering great brown eyes, near to drooling as she swallows hard and says, "Can I?"
Graminoid reaches over towards the thermos, setting it down in easy reach. The House of Poaceae asks the the House of Rushes to not display any emotion at all for this, to which request the House of Rushes reply they have already planned to do so. The Avatar speaks: "You may."
Patches 's reaction as she takes her first taste of the grass on his arm is telling. Her ears stick out sideways so hard they quiver with tension. "BLECH!" She makes all kinds of disgusted faces, much akin to someone's who's bitten into a green apple and found a soft and creamy interior….
Kudzu smiles at a few students that have turned to look at her, still keeping an eye on Patches and Graminoid, then tries a bit of chocolate pudding with a thoughtful expression.
Graminoid looks at Patches, his bluegrass eyebrow not getten raised in surprise until half way through his next sentence. "It would appear you were not expecting that. What seems to be the matter?"
"It's all MUSHY!" she complains, finally reaching for a napkin and chewing on that to get the texture out of her mouth. "What happened? It wasn't mushy last time!"
Graminoid passes a hand across his arm, a new set of green blades apparent, a stiffer variety of Poaceae apparent. "Apparently I had mis-judged your preferences."
Patches addresses the paper napkin by the simple expedient of swallowing it. "Just make it like it was last time." she grumbles, eying his arm with some reluctance. "You know what…" She rises out of the chair and perches herself on the edge of the table, making it groan but giving her access to his head. "This is just easier…"

Kudzu eyes the pair as she tries a bite of a steak that's still just a little bit pink. She pauses for a long moment, not chewing and possibly not seeing anything around her, just sitting absolutely still in her seat, still looking in the directon of Patches and Graminoid.
Graminoid sits there passively, not as pleased as one might usually expect to have such a girl as Patches in that position. His eyes drift towards the thermos, wondering if it could possibly be worth it.
Kudzu chews more, her white-olive looking eyes hard to read but the little moan of pleasure is hard to mistake. Over the course of several minutes, the steak slowly disappears off her plate, tiny bit by tiny bit. For long moments she seems not to be paying the other two any attention.
Patches isn't vicious or even all that forceful about it. She coaxes him to turn around a little in his seat, facing out towards Kudzu as she leans in against his back and starts to nom on his head. It's probably for that best that Kudzu is too distracted to see Patches holding him to her as she eats his hair with many happy sounds.

Graminoid does his best to ignore the blades of grass being ripped from his scalp, and reaches for the Thermos, opening it and taking a quick sniff, looking at the milk within.
Within? It is cream. Un-pasteurized, un-filtered, un-processed in any way. All too soon for Patches his scalp is bare, cropped down by her grazing. She gives his head a few speculative licks, hoping that perhaps he might grow more…
Kudzu savors the last bite, pondering going back for more, as she watches Patches chew Graminoid bald. It is an odd scene, but he doesn't seem overly concerned so she shrugs and stands up to go get more meats from the line.
Graminoid begins to produce small shoots from his scalp, which grow slowly at first, but begins to accelerate once Graminoid begins to intake the protein and lipid-rich contents of the Thermos. The House of Sedges immediately begins to make a deeper analysis of the warm cream.
Patches gives a happy little wiggle of her tail as the licking has the desired effect! More! It's even better than rogain! She grazes on him happily until she's had her fill, and then she stands and reaches for a napkin. "Thanks!" she gushes, all smiles and green tipped tongue. "We should do this again sometime!" She gives him another disturbingly concentrated look of naked hunger.
"Can you do corn?"
Graminoid incidentally has four distinct spirits of Corn. He drinks half of the cream before lowering the thermos, to give the House of Poaceae time to think. "That…could be arranged."
Kudzu returns to her seat with another steak, this one rarer than the last, hardly brown at all and still running with light pink juices. With every bite she moans, drawing the attention of nearby students even more, some of whom watch avidly, possibly taking photos or recordings, but Alyssa hardly seems to notice.

Patches wraps him up in a literally crushing hug for a few moments, her muzzle probing behind his ear for any tender young shoots she might have missed. "Give me a day's warning and I can make twice that much." she whispers. She gives his ear a sharp nip, and then walks away licking her lips.
Graminoid watches Patches leave, deep in deliberation. He looks at the Thermos, and closes the container, noting the remainder of cream. He then glances about the room, in order to note the expressions of the various people in the hall. In some cases, her follows their gaze to look at Kudzu.
Kudzu takes one last bite of steak, if one pays close attention it seems like maybe she's sucking on it like a jawbreaker before chewing, and she seems to be very… happy to be eating it. Her flowers have bloomed and a flowery scent has begun to permeate the room. Students at tables in her vicinity appear to be rather more relaxed, and in several cases couples have formed and are being very affectionate at the tables.
Graminoid takes one last glance towards where Patches was, and then stands up to walk briskly to the table Kudzu is sitting at, still holding the thermos in one hand. As he walks, his bald green head grows back into stiff reeds, which are soon topped with small seeds of their own.
Kudzu almost, almost picks her plate up to lick off the juices, but she notices the students around her getting more amorous and realizes what's going on, and looks up at the approaching Graminoid with a concerned expression, "Ummm, I think I need to get out of here… I'm glad that went well for you though, I was a little worried. But I'm about to get in trouble if I don't leave…"

Graminoid silently nods, and holds out his free arm, to lead her out of the Hall of Crystal. Kudzu takes the offered arm as she gets up, pausing to quickly dump off her tray before making for open air quickly.
Graminoid quickly leads Kudzu out of the Hall, still not speaking, but simply enjoying a situation eminently more enjoyable than the one he just left. The Congress is not completely immune to her scent either, but their combination of chivalry and simple internal disagreement, mean that he does quietly, and allowing Kudzu to lead.
"Whew, I never knew tasted a steak so good… I'd be more embarrassed but I just feel so good…" She stretches her arms and little vines twine around them, growing and writhing up her arms as others grow down to the ground, shortly making a decent size bed of leafy vines for several yards around her.
Graminoid glances down and notes that, still standing next to Kudzu, he is pretty much standing right in the middle of the vine patch. He doesn't mind. "Agreed. While I was apprehensive initially, events seem to have played out quite well, all factors considered."
Kudzu 's vines keep growing, climbing up Graminoid as well, not putting in roots or anything, just growing on him, she seems completely unaware of this, "I feel like I can fly, or time travel, or well… I feel like I can do anything!"
Graminoid fingers the vines lightly, playing with them a little. "So what do you most want to do?"
Kudzu pauses, taken aback, she's been staring at the sky in her excitement, but now she turns that surprisingly intense gaze on Graminoid with a dumbfounded look, "Ummm… I hadn't thought of that. What do you do when you can do anything?"
Graminoid continues to play with the vines winding around his hand. The Congress of the Spirits of the Grasses of Earth has quite a few long term plans, but isn't sure what Kudzu would think of them. "A lot of people try to help make the world a better place, however they think to do it."
Kudzu slowly nods, the idea taking root in her mind where moments ago she was only drawing a blank, "That sounds… nice. I wonder, if I can do anything, then maybe I can get past my magic block…"
Graminoid nods, the spikelet flowers of his hair slowly giving off a thin pollen. "It's worth trying, we would say."
Kudzu tries a spell her dad taught her first, small hand gestures as she intones, "Fiat lux!" but nothing seems to happen.
Kudzu frowns staring at her hand, frustratingly devoid of a softly glowing ball of light, and clenches her fist, "It should be easy! I can feel the power, I am willing it with all my heart, why won't it work!"
"Perhaps it's somewhere other than your heart." He gestures to his chest. "I'm not built like that anymore."
"All I am is vines and flowers… What else would it be? It should just be application of will, I've been watching my dad do it all my life! It's so… frustrating!"
Graminoid reaches out with one arm to hold her shoulders. "I wish we knew the answer, but for what it is worth, the Congress will what we can to help."
Kudzu tries to relax, letting go of her clenched fist, and there it is, apparently having appeared while she was throwing a minor tantrum: a tiny seed, its shape hard to distinguish under the light radiating from it, not super bright but noticeable in the bright sunlight.
Kudzu stares at the little seed once again speechless. "Ummm, I guess it did work, sort of…"

((Fade to Black, for now.))

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