Stonewall (Tabitha Harrison)
Name: Tabitha Harrison (born Matthew Harrison)
Whateley: Class of 2010 (freshman)
DOB: 1991-11-03 (age 14 as of 2006-08)
Powers: EX-3 (physical), Regen-3, PK-3 (force fields)
Gender: Transgender Male-to-Female
Sexuality: Attracted to females, but open to boys
Demeanor: Outgoing, sometimes awkwardly so. Hates using long words when it can be avoided.
Costume: None yet
Race: Caucasian, American
Height: 5'11" / 1.80 m
Weight: About 150 lbs / 68 kg
Eyes: Light blue, fierce-looking
Hair: Bright red, shoulder-length, thick and sort of in a "lampshade" shape
Face: Mature-looking, almost heart-shaped
Build: Lean and muscular, with soft skin (think Chun-Li or Supergirl)
POB: Houston, Texas
Assoc: Poe Cottage
Creator: Steamboat3

General Description

Matthew Harrison was a shy boy, preferring to be alone with his books and his games. He would be bullied at school on a near-daily basis, and hated every moment of it…he wished he could somehow protect others instead of always being the one protected. Then one day, after he's poked in the side at the bottom of his ribcage one too many times, he manifests. At first he makes the bully stub his finger hard on a force-field he made at his side, then he accidentally pins the guy to the wall with another. Very angry at the older bully, he almost crushes him, but realizes what he's doing before that happens. Eventually, over the next month, he realizes that his hair is growing and turning red, he's getting more muscle all over…but more importantly, everything about his body that's male is slowly getting replaced with the female…and not only that, she was freaking beautiful! Upon becoming fully female a month later, she eventually adopts the name "Tabitha," both because it sounds cool, and because she wants to start again with her life—she never wants to go back to being a doormat.

The goal of her story arcs is to show her adapting to her new life (of course) and how she realizes that her mind is working so much differently now. Seeing as she was really shy as a boy (in fact, he slightly envied girls' ability to easily socialize, which made him wonder what it was like to be one), she wants to be more outgoing and assertive in her new identity, namely by standing up for those in need. Due to her past as a big bully target, her key issue is exploitation of others—if she were older, she'd gladly try and take down a human-trafficking ring, for example. Her mood is generally upbeat, but she does feel bad if she feels she hasn't done enough.


Tall and leggy, with bright red shoulder-length hair, and a slight tan. Measurements are 34-24-35.


She can generate invisible force fields in flat shapes that can resist about one ton of force at first, but as she develops them, she could learn somewhat more complex formations such as a cube or egg, and with enough concentration, resist up to five tons of force. For example, she can make a half-pipe shape to bind someone to a wall at the waist. These become visible for a second when something solid hits them (think Star Trek: The Next Generation). However, while they can block pure kinetic force such as fired bullets, they cannot block other phenomena they bring, such as heat and radiation. For instance, even if her fields could block a nuke, she would still be incinerated from the immense heat it gives off on detonation. (Optional: she has to be careful about forming them to be sure she doesn't cut someone open upon formation. Am willing to drop this part if it interferes with storytelling.) Special note: only one force field can be made at a time. To make another, she must dissipate the first. These powers derive from a great psychological need to protect others, as she feels she was too much of a liability being the protected one as a boy. And of course, the stuff that comes with being a level 3 Exemplar.


Knows a thing or two about architecture, and was really good at math even before manifesting. She's a big fan of (oddly enough) TV game shows, both those that rack your brain and those that don't. She's also an enthusiast about amateur freestyle wrestling, and adapts some moves (such as armbars) into her close-range fighting style.


At first somewhat shy, but after realizing how many people in the school have gone through similar ordeals in manifesting, she gradually opens up and reveals that she has quite the sense of humor (she hates pranks and practical jokes, though), even letting out a snarky one-liner on occasion. She does learn to keep her mouth shut at the proper moment, though. She hates seeing someone suffer through something that's not their fault, and if possible, she'll try to help the person in question out. (Think Mr. Incredible when he's stuck in the boss' office getting lectured—she hates it when she's unable to assist.)


Although she is smart, she is not a fast thinker; she relies too much on anticipation and reaction. However, she is aware of this and strives to improve it. Also, the aforementioned things that can penetrate her force fields. Because she subscribes to the school of "go all-out or don't go at all," she also needs to learn restraint so as to not cause undue harm (or worse, accidental death—which thankfully hasn't happened yet).



  • Class of 2010


  • Poe cottage

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