Streak (Robin Collier)
Name: Robin Collier (born Rodney Collier)
Whateley: Class of 2011 (freshman fall 2007)
DOB: 1993-7-08 (14 as of 2007-09)
Powers: EN:3, EX:3 (Preliminary)
Gender: Transitioning Transgender Male-to-Female
Sexuality: Asexual (Closeted Bisexual)
Demeanor: Timid and Geeky, Lonely, Tactless
Costume: None yet (See Robyn, below)
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: "Golden" Amber, flashing into metallic gold when powers are active.
Hair: Platinum Blond, shoulder length, "mullet" (ponytail).
Face: Oval with a hint of baby fat, freckles that are fading as she changes.
Build: The start of a perfect hourglass, extremely curvy.
POB: Cayuse, WA
Assoc: Poe Cottage resident (room XXX, see roommate?)
Creator: KiTA

Streak (Robyn Collier)

Name: Robyn Collier
Whateley: Class of 2011 (freshman fall 2007)
DOB: 2007-7-31 (Biological 14 as of 2007-09)
Powers: EN:3, EX:3 (Preliminary)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Demeanor: Outgoing, Confident, Conniving. "James Bond in a Dress"
Costume: Sundresses with hidden pockets
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 115 lbs
Eyes: "Golden" Amber, flashing into metallic gold when powers are active.
Hair: Platinum Blond, shoulder length, unrestrained — lots of volume
Face: Oval with a hint of baby fat, freckles that are fading as she changes.
Build: The start of a perfect hourglass, extremely curvy.
POB: Subconscious of Robin Collier
Assoc: Poe Cottage resident (room XXX, see roommate?)
Creator: KiTA


MID as of 2007-09

Code Name: Streak
Ratings: Speedster-3, Exemplar-3
Weak Vs.: Normal Human weaknesses, Direct physical combat
Backup/Team affiliations: Whateley Academy, Dr. Id, Mistress Ego, Dr. Nefarious

General Description

Robin is an absolutely over the top superhero fangirl who got her biggest wish — she's now a superheroine in training herself. However, turning female wasn't supposed to be part of he deal, and Robin's goal in life right now is to find a way to revert that particular part of her powers before it's "too late"(tm), preferably with her other powers intact.

Robyn is Robin's imaginary friend turned alternate personality who is only now coming to terms about having her own goals and aspirations other than protecting and entertaining Robin. A confident, pansexual hedonist — Robin's repressed social and sexual sides given a mind of their own — Robyn is acutely aware that she's "stuck" at a school with some of the most attractive people on Earth around her. Her current main goals are to help Robin gain some acceptance over her new gender, get the girl some friends, and force the girl out of her neurotic asexuality.


Cute but frumpy. Usually hiding behind books. Slightly slumped over, like an attractive girl trying to act like a geek.

Somewhat underweight, but shifting into a classic hourglass superheroine body shape — think the average marvel superheroine, only scaled back down to 16ish years old. Desperately tries to hide this behind baggy clothes, such as sweaters and blue jeans or very light sun dresses. Hair is kept in a tight, but somewhat unkempt ponytail; she calls it a mullet because "ponytails are for girls." This attitude extends to most of her appearance — she's cute, if a bit "frumpy" due to a lack of effort.

The young girl had the appearance of someone who wasn't quite comfortable in their own skin, flinching away at the slightest movement. Her hair was in a tight, high ponytail, but strands had come loose, falling freely onto the shoulder of her pastel blue sweater. She had striking golden amber eyes but they were mostly hidden behind a copy of "Capes" magazine, which she was reading at an absurd speed. In short, the mind screamed "geek" but then paused and asked "wait, really?"

When Robyn is in charge and has a chance to prepare, she defines "cleans up well." The ponytail turns into a loose haircut, and she seems to grow as she stops hunching and starts staring deep into people's eyes when she talks to them. Unlike Robin, Robyn positively oozes confidence and sensuality, every word, pose, and movement is designed to give people the wrong idea, particularly those who she is close or attracted to.

And she's attracted to everyone.

The mind paused and demanded more input from the eyes on the new arrival. You had to with a sundress as YELLOW as that. It was tight, held close with a red cord used as a belt, slipping through loops in the dress designed for it. It fit her like a glove. She gave the impression that she belonged here, that she owned the place. It didn't matter what "here" was, she looked like she could stake a claim on the planet itself.

His thoughts were interrupted as he realized she was looking right back at him, much like he was looking at her. Her glowing golden eyes caught his, then intentionally went down, tracing the curves of his body. He felt his skin get warm just as her eyes caught his again, twinkling slightly. She licked her lips, once, then smiled and walked past.


Classic speedster (superfast, superthinking, superreflexes) with mild regeneration.

Classic Mixed Speedster, with a slight toughness and regeneration from her Exemplar powerset. Gains power from the Earth's magnetic field and subconsciously uses them to augment her neurological and muscular systems, pushing them far past baseline. Generates a small EM field when really pushing herself, most obvious part of this is her hair gaining volume from static.

Her speed "aura" is easily mistaken for Ki (and lots of it), but she has no martial arts training and couldn't even spell "Ki." Other than passive augmentation (speed, reflexes, etc) it offers nothing to her and she has no way to manipulate it in any way other than off and on. Eyes glow golden when using powers, this is slowly staining her eyes more of a golden amber color.

Exemplar power is at max baseline except for reflexes (which are higher and rapidly improving) and toughness (slightly higher). Has a mild regeneration. All these effects are augmented when her superspeed is active — her regeneration becomes faster, her skin becomes tougher, etc. Has perfect recall but not photographic memory — she can easily recall things she's studied and things that have some form of importance to her mind, but does not "record" scenes at one glance.

Robin is somewhat special in that she has an intimate idea as to what her BIT looks like — she's spent the past year playing with it as her imaginary friend, Robyn.

Mind is somewhat "slippery" due to Alternate Personality and general faster thought processes than baseline. Speedster aura increases this effect quite a bit. Has an incredible amount of willpower — the end result is that psychically she's a very hard to hit target that's really tough on the inside.

Actively restrains herself from using powers, mistakenly thinking they will cause her to finalize her transgendered exemplar shapeshifting. She's wrong — she's shifting anyway, just slower. This restraint extends to when she does use her powers, she subconsciously holds herself back.

Robyn has no such restraint — she is constantly augmenting her perceptions, using her inhuman mindset (she doesn't even understand the term boredom — how could anyone be bored with so many interesting things around) to put up with a world that's going in slow motion around her.

Last tested, Robin topped out around 75 miles per hour and could cruise for an extended period of time at 60 miles per hour. She is likely much faster now — Robyn definitely is. Her initial testing was only stopped when all her power usage woke up her Exemplar powers in a minor case of burnout, knocking her unconscious.

Robin is going through as many legal loopholes and technicalities as possible to prevent powers testing (and thus having to use her powers), preliminary rating of EX-3 EN-3 is, to quote one testing agent, "absolute bollocks".


Obsessive armchair superhero tactician who draws and writes in her spare time.

Robin has absolutely no combat skills to speak of, but due to years of obsessively studying heroism and the classical hero battles she is a rather dangerous tactician. However, she does not consciously recognize this yet, expressing it by quoting old B movies and Superhero comics, often slightly incorrectly or in ways not quite put logically together.

In short, you're looking at a fangirl who has not only read every single scrap of data she could on every single recorded superhero battle, she could recite them back to you by memory and intelligently debate what could have happened if only, say, Krogmar the Champion had waited for backup, or if the Emerald City Knights hadn't lucked out during the Purge of Seattle.

Robyn, combining this genre savvyness with an almost suicidal overconfidence and somewhat pragmatic philosophy both in regards to combat and the use of her powers, is much more dangerous in a fight. Robyn is the kind of person who would intentionally get you gloating just so she could run behind you with a club.

Robin can cook, decently enough, if she follows a recipe, as well as keep up the rest of a house — She will probably make a great housewife someday, although suggesting this to her is not advised.

She draws and writes in her spare time, or at least did before moving to Whateley. However, she does not show these things off to anyone; She still goes under the pen name "HeroFan93" on the ESHSA — The Electronic Super Hero Story Archive — unfortunately, this site is blocked by the filters at Whateley for adult content. As a child of the information age and fan of computer games, Robin has a working knowledge of computer technician work.


Shy and overly excited superhero fangirl with a big complex about gender and sexuality.

Friendly but tactless. Very reserved and geeky but she's coming out of her shell, slowly. No social skills but thinks of herself as a classical 1950s era hero, with the same general mindset (protect the innocent, be honest, walk old ladies across the street, etc). Takes this a little too far at times, so is somewhat stubborn and self depreciating. Lives life by the motto "Sometimes you have to fight for your happy ending." Frequently questions herself and her friends with the question "What kind of heroine would X", where X is one negative way of taking current actions. (Mentioning her pronoun confusion — heroine instead of hero — is not advised.)
"What? Of course I'm letting people think I'm a girl outside of the cottage. What kind of heroine would risk outing others just because she was a little uncomfortable? Er, I mean, a lot uncomfortable. LOTS! Hate this! Grr! What?! Stop laughing!"

Has a chip on her shoulder due to her change: Thinks she was changed because she was such a sissy that the very universe itself rejected her masculinity, although she is terrified people might agree with her and thus is easy to goad into actions by abusing her pride. She refuses to admit that she's stuck in her new body, that she's enjoying life, that her lot has improved since changing, etc. Initially thinks the TG members of Poe are just fooling themselves, but as she gets closer to people these objections about femininity are dropped. With her friends, they are an outright in-joke.
"Oh my… god. You… you guys… you're all crazy! How could… How could anyone actually enjoy being trapped as a… I'm… I will… I can't live with a bunch of people who would actually like being freaks! I'm outta here!"

Robin is actively searching for a way to undo her change, but would never endanger anyone else to try and achieve this. To further this goal, she tries to avoid using her powers whenever possible — although when it's "important" she doesn't hesitate, merely frets about it later. The fact that she's at a school full of other superpowered people who are getting to do really neat stuff like fly, create giant robots, and control fire while she's stuck "unable" to user her powers is creating a tiny bit of resentment between her and her new friends.
"Yeah, it's neat… I… I think I'm gonna go study. No, no, it's ok, I'm just not a fan of light shows. G'night everyone."

Mostly asexual but starting to awaken on that front now that she can't just shove these thoughts into Robyn's "brain"… discovering a powerful attraction to both women and men, much to her utter horror. Consistently tries to ignore the dirty thoughts that pop into her head when around other people with limited success.
"Um… uh… Wow. That's… ah… Um… That's a bathing suit. They call them bikinis? Wow, what will they think of next? I… I should go."

In other words, she's so far in the closet she's selling maps to Narnia. She's also fooling absolutely no one except herself.

Robyn is the polar opposite of Robin on a few issues. Extremely confident almost to the point of arrogance, flirty with an extremely dirty mind, and attracted to everyone, Robyn defines hedonism. More of an 1990s anti-hero than 1950s hero, Robyn is willing to do whatever it takes to protect Robin and Robin's friends. She thinks Robin needs to get out more and is actively attempting to force her out of her shell. She is absolutely convinced that if Robin could just get a girlfriend and/or boyfriend, perhaps a few of them, perhaps a few at the same time, she would accept her new lot in life.

Or at least have a lot of fun trying.
"Hey hon, Robin would never say this, but she thinks you have the cutest smile, you know? Cheer up and give us a little kiss, k?"

Other than the personality change, Robyn shares Robin's opinions on things, she just expresses herself differently. It is important to note that Robyn is not a completely different person than Robin — she's just the parts of Robin's personality she represses. In the future, "Robin" will be a combination of the two minds. Her major goal in life — her only goal in life at the start of her existence — is to protect Robin. This rapidly expands to "protect Robin and her friends" and later "protect people" in general as she grows.


At or below baseline in everything except speed, socially clueless, painfully naive and a tendency towards rigid black and white thinking.

Robin's obvious weaknesses are the same as any normal baseline 14 year old girl — she is not very strong and can be easily restrained, for example. Her Exemplar power does offer some minor toughness and regeneration, but she's no where near brick level — she's not even anywhere near max baseline level. In addition, these two effects are only really powered up when she's using her superspeed — and she tries to never, ever use her superspeed.

Her control over said superspeed is also a bit lacking — when distracted, emotional, or unconscious, her powers tend to mildly bleed through — nothing near her top speed, but a startled Robin can easily be across the room long before she realizes what caused her to leap up. This is only getting worse, especially as Robin is actively avoiding learning the control over her powers she desperately needs. Sugar, Caffeine, Chocolate, and other stimulants are also a no-no, due to her enhanced metabolism.

A major weakness that Robin does not fully realize is her lack of social skills. Instead of empathizing with the rest of the changelings in Poe, she's convinced herself that they're just trying to put on a brave face, or are just kidding themselves. As she grows closer to them, her own protests die back, but she remains somewhat abrasive and easily manipulated. She's not completely clueless — Robyn's being so social attests to that, at least — but Robin is definitely not used to interacting with other people, and it shows.

However, Robin's biggest weakness is her heroism. First off, she takes it too far, subconsciously trying to see the world in black and white — her classmates are either valiant heroes in training, or villains that might be redeemed… hopefully. She overcomes this consciously with work, but it still bleeds through — the idea of an "evil Champion" or a good necromancer just throws her off her stride.

This is a major reason why she refuses to come to terms with her change — to her, it's not "making the best out of a bad situation and getting on with her new life" but instead "admitting she's always been some sort of deviant sissy freak at heart".

Secondly, her knowledge of heroism, powers, and mutanthood has been tainted by filtering through the superhero version of "People" magazine. Things like burnout, or heroes being put in the hospital for weeks after a successful mission, or the human side of being on a superhero team… well, that's not really "interesting reading," now is it? Things like GSD, BITs, collateral damage, logistics… just never clicked in her head before Whateley. Years of comic books also skewed her perceptions and expectations — for example, she tends to try and fight like a brick because whoever heard of a heroine getting a black eye, or the random mooks actually being able to hit the broad side of a barn?

She's not dense, she's just a little surprised when the whole "villain" vs "hero" labels don't fit perfectly, and when the villain doesn't fall over unconscious after the first punch.



  • Class of 2011. Robin was enrolled at Whateley as a Freshman instead of a Sophomore to help her adjust. (This is a bit of a sore spot — she wasn't asked or told about it beforehand.)


  • Poe cottage (room 2XX)
  • Cayuse, Washington, USA (see family)

Group Affiliations

  • Future Superheroes of America

Romantic Relationships

Personal Enemies


  • Robyn: "Sister" / Alternate personality.
  • Kathleen: Mother. Widow and single parent. Frugal, hard worker. Fully accepting and supportive of Robin and her change, no longer considers her male.
  • Dr. Peter "Dr. Id" Sullivan: Uncle. Whateley/Poe allumni. Telepathic. Therapist who spent his high school life in his wife's body. Worries about Robin, mostly due to the rather troubling emotions he saw her have during her change.
  • Maria "Mistress Ego" Sullivan: Aunt. Whateley/Poe allumni. PDP. Supervillianess turned housewife. Jerkass with a chip on her shoulder, especially about mutants rights and gender issues. Mutant Supremacist.

Character Interactions


Robin's not quite certain what to make of Toni. She's in the same boat as her, but Toni remains optimistic and energetic, whereas Robin just wants to go hide under the bed. The idea that maybe it's herself that's not handling it well instead of Toni fooling herself is deeply troubling on some level.

More distressing is Toni's repeated attempts to get Robin to learn how to fight, especially while using her powers. She seems obsessed with some sorta "Key" thing, and thinks Robin could do it too, if she'd just practice. The fact that Toni openly rolls her eyes and smiles when Robin explains that she can't use her powers like that because they'd turn her into a girl would annoy her, but she's just so darned… nice about it…


The idea that Jade was originally a guy is so utterly alien to Robin that she initially refused to believe it. On some level she still thinks that someone might be playing a prank on her. (Really) Deep down, the idea that a "guy" could be as feminine as Jade is equal parts worrying and encouraging to Robin.

Interestingly, Jade is the only person so far that Robyn isn't attracted to — although she's gotten a few ideas on what a box full of "toys" and Jade's power could do in say, 5 years…


Sara scares the unholy living hell out of Robin, and Robin doesn't know why. She blames it on Carmilla being "like one of those 1990s anti-hero types — you know, the kind that have an asterisk right after the o in hero?" She still considers her to be a nice person, although a bit weird.

The truth is a bit less obvious to anyone without a degree in psychology — as yet another Poe changeling who is in the same situation as herself but handling it infinitely better, Robin's already off kilter when around Sara. Add to this the fact that Sara appears to not be bothered by but outright relish the same dirty thoughts that Robin keeps trying to ignore…

It doesn't help that Robyn is equal parts jealous and admiring of Sara, who she considers a bit of a role model — for both Robin and herself.

Author's Note

Rodney is a parody character, of sorts. I thought the idea of someone being trapped inside their own perverse "Her Codename was Mary Sue" character — or, more succinctly, a Whateley Fanfic Author — would be hilarious. Originally I was inspired by the scene in "Top Ten" where the horny fanboys who created Girl One (a genetically perfect, compulsive nudist, walking fanservice scene) were asking if her various bodyparts were sexy enough… to her grieving friends… at her funeral

"How would someone like that live in real life? I mean, high school was bad enough without having everyone know you were literally made to be a nerd's wet dream…"

As the idea has grown, the perverse part has faded away. Mostly. Be it a double-standard or not, but if you turn James Bond into Jane Bond, she comes across as a bit of a slut.

The hook has changed since the original concept — now, it is more of a hero fanboy getting everything he thought he wanted — except it's not all he thought it was cracked up to be, and his TG BIT is a huge, huge complication he didn't sign on for.

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