Summoner (Charlie Vincent)
Name: Summoner (born Charles "Charlie" Vincent)
Whateley: Class of 2011 (freshman/ as of fall 2007)
DOB: Date of birth 1993-03-31
Powers: WA-4:li:v (SH-1:a)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual
Demeanor: A typical teenage boy, he projects the image of a “young punk” to adults and people he does not know, otherwise he's a mood teenage boy
Costume: Still working on a costume…most have a circle with an S in the center.
Race: WASP
Height: 5' 5” /
Weight: 150 lbs
Eyes: Blue-green eyes. Or 'green mud' as his stepmom calls it.
Hair: Blonde with curls unless he's straightened it in an 'Emo' hair style
Face: Angular and slim,
Build: Skinny, wiry
POB: Albuquerque NM
Assoc: Cottage: Twain resident (boyfriend: 'Jon'), Team: Circle-s, enemy? (one so far)
Creator: (Taira-Mai)

General Description

Charles Foyle Vincent was your typical picked on "geek" in school. The bullies always seemed to find him, the teachers never around. One day he was accosted by five older boys. During the fight he wished that his father was there.

Suddenly his father appeared between him and the bullies. Charles watched in awe as his father scared the boys off. It took the man a second to realize that he had somehow left his office and appeared at his son's school. When Charles stood up, his father vanished. Later that day, father and son tried to come to grips with what happened.

It happened again. Students were fighting in the halls and Charles and his friends were trapped behind a vending machine. But this time he summoned his father and a local superhero, in full view of the school.

The school officials convinced his parents to get him tested.

He looks forward to Whateley, but wishes that he had a better superpower.


A skinny blonde kid, he favors 'emo' fashions: tight jeans, converse sneakers, Tight shirts and hoodies. He tries to straighten his hair, but until recently it would start to curl on it's own. He typically has a scowl, sneer or frown when taking to adults, a more happy expression when taking to teens his age.


Charles can teleport others to him and send them back. He can't teleport himself however. Problem is that any damage those people take, he feels. When his father was hit by chair, Charles felt the blow and started bleeding. He has to have some familiarity with someone before he can teleport them. If he knows their general whereabouts it's easier for him to find them. He can locate people with in certain limits. Mages, powerful espers and warpers are immune to his power.

He's got a 'warp field' around him that he can store things in. It's now up to 1,000 pounds. He uses it like a closet. The downside is that he feels what's inside, if he places a person in there, he feels them trying to get out. He has a 'shield' of space that he can control. He can turn throw objects 180 degrees back to the thrower, deflect punches and even attackers. But the shield is limited to one direction only. It can be outflanked.

After a case of burnout, he developed, what he told the clinic staff, was a temporary ability to 'morph' into a female form.


Charlie is the most level headed member of his group. While Tegan plays love games, Mai has another emotional crisis, Amanda plots to save the earth, Phear 'drick's out or Lylah starts a fight, Charlie is always trying to help his friends. He took Tae Kwon Do, but only fights when cornered. He does not start fights, but he will finish them. His power will “summon” whoever he believes is best to fight alongside him. He has a good sense of direction due to his power.

Other than that he has the skills of a 14 year old boy.



A backpack, a suit case full of clothes, a set of school uniforms, a cell phone. His boyfriend Jon gave him a mini-Xbox[tm] made by a devisor.


He's the typical teenage boy. Always looking to goof off, hating schoolwork and wanting to go out on a date with Jon. When Danger strikes, he's the first rally his friends. He's protective of LGBT students however.

Charlie is a nervous kid. Bullies always seem to find him. He tries to make new friends and get to know students (both to cure homesickness and to find students willing to fight along side him). That's why he formed Circle-S

He knew he was different when puberty hit. He was attracted to boys his age and male movie stars. Being small in stature (before his manifestation), bullies sought him out. Charles feared that they knew his secret. He has no clue about Poe Hall. His parent are homophobic, his stepmom is anti-mutant. He is deep in the closet.


Anything that gets past (around) his warp shield will find that he has the armor and defense of a 14 year old boy.
If he teleports someone and they take damage, he feels it. He's linked to them, boosting their health at the cost of his, but ANY damage they take he gets.



  • Class of 2011
  • code name: Flutter (Amanda Jones): Charlie dated Arnold Jones before he manifested, he misses his former boyfriend, but is happy for Amanda.
  • code name: Phear (Samantha Marcotte) : Friend


  • Cottage Twain
  • * Roommate: Aurthur "Dusty" Baca (Reddot)
  • Home residence: Albuquerque NM

Group Affiliations

Group: Leader of Circle-s

Romantic Relationships

  • Character: Jon

Personal Enemies

  • Gloria Whitley
  • Mary Winslow Vincent (stepmom)

Family & Friends

  • Name: Howard Vincent (father)
  • Name: Mary Winslow Vincent (stepmom)
  • Name: Danny Winslow (stepbrother)


Charlie's shifter abilities are permanent. He goes by the name 'Lottie' or “Lottie Lasher” when in female form.


" I'm gonna survive or die trying."
"Teamwork is essential; it gives the enemy someone else to hurt."
"The simple things are always hard."
"I wonder if the Champion had homework."
"Girls are crazy. Boys are easy to make happy, just get a bag of chips and an Xbox."

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