Name: *SEALED*
Whateley: Class of 2011 Freshmen
DOB: July, 1993
Powers: SH IPNWE, Mage (?)
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Quiet, slightly tensed. Looks to be slightly stressed out.
Costume: No Costume
Race: Mixed Asian/Caucasian
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 123 pounds
Eyes: Light green eyes
Hair: Short light black hair
Face: A 'cute' face, with somewhat Oriental features
Build: Somewhat lean build
POB: Minnesota
Creator: Talhe

General Description

A somewhat average, if thin young man, Talcat looks to be the product of a mixed marriage, with fair skin and dark eyes. His build is that of someone who engages in light exercise.


Most of the time, however, he has feline features. In a relaxed mood, he has cat ears and a tail, with sharp nails and claws.


Talcat is a odd shifter. Preliminary tests have shown that he can shift into non-feline shapes, although he has yet to transform into anything besides a cat. Additionally, he has problems maintaining large forms; he cannot go beyond a set amount of mass.

Oddly enough, his strength increases exponentially the smaller the form; at his smallest, his strength rivals that of a high-level exemplar, ratings unknown.

He is classified as a rager-2, and has been able to rage for days on end without tiring.

He has expressed the ability to 'feel' magic, although whether he has ranks in the Wizard is unknown.


Talcat has the normal education of a moderately bright teenager. He is a history aficionado, and although he is only a moderately-skilled writer, he is a skilled editor.


Talcat was somewhat introverted before his manifestation, but still polite (if occasionally eccentric). Now, as a mutant and teenager, he has a desire to connect to others tempered with a fear of going into a rager episode around potential friends.


Talcat has the weaknesses of whatever form he's in, modified by it's potential strength. Telepathy and psionics have little to no effect on him while he is raging, though.

Oddly enough, if subjected to large amounts of water, he becomes subdued. Whether this is psychological or something else has yet to be determined.



  • Cottage cottage (room nnn)
    • Roommate
  • Home residence
    • Another resident
    • or (see family)

Group Affiliations

  • Group

Romantic Relationships

  • Character

Personal Enemies

  1. Jen
  2. Rachel Parkes
  3. Carol
  4. Wyvern


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