Team Giza

The Team: The Craft Sisters (“Team Giza ”)

A brief description:

The children of Alice and Mai Craft, their power developed past the ability of their mothers to train them. As per Alice’s agreement with the North American Mage Association, her daughters are going to work for NAMA. One mage thinks that May will be a good wife to his son, much to Alice’s chagrin.

They may fight, bicker, complain about restrictions but they are sisters. Can 'merge' into a giant 'bio-mecha'. Usefull in the sims or when they have to wash the 3rd floor windows.

Leader: Codename Autocat (Real Name: May Allison Craft, PA-03A)

"We’re not just sisters, we’re a team."— Autocat in the sims

REG-5, SH-4:i;r;sw;n;l (EX-4), WIZ-3

May Allison “Big MAC” Craft is the oldest of her sisters. At least she’s treated like the oldest. She’s the stoic one. The leader , the captain of the team. A mage, she has the WIZ rating of 3, Alice was eager to send her to Whateley.

Her colors are blue and white with eyes glowing a soft blue since she’s a sphinx. She has Alice Craft’s face and bodytype. However her mannerisms and body language reflect her mother Mai. She doesn’t use contractions around Mai or her sisters (she addresses Mai as “mother”, Alice as “Mom”). As the “older” sister, she gives advice, listens to her sisters problems and makes sure they stay in class. They may resent her “mother hen” act, but they have to admit that she does love and care for them. Being bisexual, she likes all kinds. Being a cyborg, she has tried to “purge” herself of emotion to become more like a machine, but all too often her magic and her sisters pull her back.

Forms the “body” when the sisters merge.

Second in Command: Codename Bullseye (Real Name June Craft, PA-03B)

"It’s only five hundred meters away and it’s pitch black out? Of course I can hit it!"—source: Bullseye

REG-5, SH-4:i;r;sw;n;l (EX-4)

June has Mai’s face on Alice’s body, she’s a metal canine like her mother Mai. Often she is in her “halfway” form: metal body with digigrade legs and tail. Her colors are yellow and black, her hair is blonde (with black streaks) with brunette ears. She discovered that she can throw, toss or shoot anything and score a hit. Range and terrain have no effect. A tomboy, she loves to hang around boys. Alice has had to fend off boys when the family has attended NAMA meetings. She can sense magic, but is only a WIZ-0. She tends to be the adventurous one, likes to propose ideas and things for her sisters to do. She loves being a sounding board for May. Her biggest weakness outside of the arena: boys.

Forms the right arm.

Other members:

Codename: Ceasefire (Real Name: April “AC” Craft, PA-03C)

"Nice moves."—Ceasefire to an opponent in the sims

REG-5, SH-4:i;r;sw;n;l (EX-4)/WIZ-2

April is another sphinx, her colors are red, sliver and white. She has one green eye, the other is amber. She has an oval face, with a curvy body, most of the time. She’s the prankster of the group. She can imitate the voices and sounds of those she meets. Of course she’s a shifter so she likes to impersonate her sisters when it’s funny. Her halfway form has curvy blades that extend from her very curvy form (she’s a fan of the Witchblade comics and anime). Despite being a mage she does like to get into physical combat. Tends to forget she has magic when she's angry. Calls May “Party Spock”, but does love all her sisters dearly. She mediates arguments between May and June, when she’s not making faces at them. Lesbian.

Forms the right leg.

Codename Echo (Real Name: Rachel Craft PA-03D )

"Dare I even ask?"—source, Rachel “RC” Craft in the Whitman common area.

REG-5, SH-4:i;r;sw;n;l (EX-4)/WIZ-2

Rachel’s colors are white and green. She’s the “youngest”, a sphinx and a mage (WIZ-2). She looks forward to working for NAMA. Despite trying to act grown up, she tends to get kittenish around anything cute/kawaii or childish (she has a weakness for Disney movies). She spends most of her time in her “human” form, her cyber sphinx form when she needs to cast powerful magics. She’s bisexual.

Forms the left leg.

Codename Greyhound (Real Name Tegan Beth Craft, PA-03E)

“They ruined my perfect pairing! He was supposed to take May to the dance! Not that bimbo!” Greyhound

REG-5, SH-4:i;r;sw;n;l (EX-4), WIZ-2

She is a sphinx, her colors are cyan, white and green. She is a (WIZ-1). She prefers to write cantrips on paper, boil potions and study books. She styles herself the “sixth ranger” since she’d rather study than go to the sims. However she realizes that she has to fight with her sisters. She has no problems “merging” with computers to fight or use magic. Someday she’ll finish her thesis on casting cantrips using an LCD. Someday. Tends to “fix up” her sisters, friends, anyone who she sees. Love to play match maker. She’s a lesbian, like her mothers.

Forms the left arm.

Codename Jackal (Real Name Sarah Craft, PA-03E)

"Um, I’ve opened a Dirac sea…sorry…"— Jackal to “Gunny” Bardue.

REG-5, SH-4:i;r;sw;n;l (EX-4), WA-5

Warper, her colors are orange and white. Her hair is brown but her eyes are gold. Her “portal disks” lead to a sea of Dirac. Using her portals she can teleport or use them like portable holes. She’s a canine like Mai, but her warping abilites confuse Mai and Alice. She also shapeshifts into a male identity she calls “Sam.” Attracked to boys.

Forms the head.



Books and potion making equipment. Bullseye just uses whatever she can find to throw/shoot.


Extreme cold can knock them out. Despite regen, they can go into shock from extreme bloodloss. Their instincts can get the better of them but they are not as vulnerable to catnip as their mother Alice.



They are rivals with the children of Karen and Sarah…..

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