Team Whetstone

The Team: The Schroder Family (“Team Whetstone”)

The setup:

The children of Karen Song and Sarah Schroeder

The Team:

Leader: Codename Azteca (Real Name: Mary Emilia Schroeder PA-04A)

“Hey, it’s worth a shot..” Azteca in the sims

DEV-1 / PK-4d(Electromagnetism)/REG-5 / SH-5(i;r;sw;n;l) / EX-5 /

Oldest child of Karen and Sarah Schroeder. “ Leader of the gang”, she 6' 1" in her human form, in her liger form she’s as big as her mothers. The brains of the outfit, she makes plans and watches her siblings carry them out. Like to play the mastermind, but is very willing to step in when she has too. Tends to tinker in her spare time, “improving” the items around her, much to her sisters chagrin. Colors: Gunmetal and purple.

Codename: Éowyn Real Name: Miranda Mai “Emme” Schroeder

“ Those without swords can still die upon them. I fear neither death nor pain” — Miranda in the sims.

REG-5 / SH-5(i;r;sw;n;l) / EX-5 / WIZ-3

Named after her aunt Mai Craft and as a reference to Lord of the Rings, “Emme” surprised her parents by displaying magical talents. She loves to cast spells and brew potions, often presses her younger sister s “Buster” and Squak” into the role of familiar or hench woman. However she cares for her siblings deeply and will quickly come to their aid. Big fan of fantasy literature and self-styled highbrow. Secretly a fan of comic books and can’t stand anime (Loves the Witchblade comics and hates the anime). A lesbian, she still loves to play matchmaker for her friends and siblings (even Buster and Squawk). Colors: Red, white and blue with three glowing eyes in each color when in her liger form

Other members:

Codename: Buster Real Name: Dylan Schroeder

REG-5 / SH-5(i;r;sw;n;l) / EX-6 / WIZ-1

Codename: Squawk Real Name: Scout Schroeder

PK-4d (metal)/REG-5 / SH-5(i;r;sw;n;l) / EX-5 / WIZ -2

Buster: “Inept!”
Squawk: “Insufficient!”
Buster & Squawk: “Inexcusable!”
—Buster & Squak

Buster and Squawk are twins. They can “merge” without their sisters. Can act as one even when RF communications are jammed. Buster is the stronger one, Squawk more of the thinker. However since they are shifters they pose as one another. Have similar mannerism and complete each other’s sentences. They switch between genders, sexuality and identities, confusing everyone, even their parents. Colors: digital patterns that match the environment in their liger forms. Greys in their human form.

Codename: Lokai Real Name: Bille Suzanne Schroeder

REG-5 / SH-6 (i;r;sw;n;l) / EX-5

“This time I'm not guilty!” Lokai

The “superspy” of the family, she has no magic or deviser powers. She just has her shifting skills and the training her mother Karen gave her. And she can connect and control electronic devises. She is willing to act as an enforcer for her siblings in their schemes, provided that she gets something out of it. Colors: black with red eyes, a large black panther with four red eyes in her cybercat form.

Codename: Dales Real Name : Courtney Jamie “CJ” Schroeder

ESP(Gadgeteer)-4/REG-5 / SH-5(i;r;sw;n;l) / EX-5

“You people and your quaint little categories.” Dales to hir roomie in Poe.

“Dales” flips between male and female, joining “ Lokai” in many a “caper”. Dales builds many gadgets for hir siblings. Fond of taking things apart to see how they work. Loves playing pranks. Colors: Yellow and Blue in hir liger form, with six green eyes.


Varies between 'capers'


Extreme cold and EMP, prone to the villain/idiot ball.

This quote sums it up:

Love, little old me (not the diva or the daiquiri).
Back on track, team! And if you require me
to show some pearly whites, I’ll remind you why you hired me.
There’s no rivalry, just me instead.
I’ll be back in fifteen, just in time to form the head.
Y'all can do the treading
Swing energy machete
If combination’s ready,
I'll form the head!



Residence (if the team is all in one cottage) / hideout (if the team has one)

  • Cottage: Whitman, Dickenson & Poe
  • Other Groups

Friendly Relationships

  • Characters or Team(s)



Like the craft family, they can merge into one large bio-android.

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