The Association

New Team: The Association

The setup:

Gloria makes deals, She studies the art of the deal. Oversight loves to make things. Wyvern loves to punch things. Keyhole loves to be places sie shouldn't be. Together, they make trouble for Circle-S and other freshman. Someday (when the other teams graduate), they hope to be a force in their own right. For now they bide their time (and Freshman status).

The Team:

Leader: Obsidian (Gloria Whitley )

"Caveat emptor"—Latin for "Let the buyer beware"

Tegan describes Gloira:

"Imagine an used car saleslady with eight legs. Yeah, I know she ain't no spider,
but she still spins webs of lies. Got me good she did. That team of her's? They're with her out of
fear or she has her hooks in'em"

Obsidian's goal is to have a core team of students she can trust. If she doesn't own them, she can't trust them.
She has dirt on each of them, they in turn rely on Gloria to keep their secrets and bail them out when necessary.

Second in Command: Gauss(Sarah Rebecca Schroeder)

Harlowe describes Gauss:
"After Kara destroyed her lab nad caused her burnout…Gauss got really angry and went so far as to sign with Gloria. If the world 'hate' was written on every cell in her body, that wouldn't come close to the hate burnin' inside Gauss."

Right now Gauss is the assistant devisor of the team, but Gloria see her as taking that spot from Oversight if he fails to deliver. She's toying with offering Gauss Oversight's position entirely. She likes the drive and 'fire' Gauss displayed in a conversation wit her. She does know that Gauss is a mole in her team, but she's keeping Gauss close to win her over..

Other members:

Wyvern (Andrea Jenkins)
"I got a five piece for ya, it's real hot!"—Wyvern

Dusty describes Wyvern

"Man. she's loco. How can someone be that angry? All Gloira has to do is point and say 'Kick his ass' and she does it. Wyvern needs a good smackdown…by someone who can take more damage than me."

Gloira's right arm, Wyvern knows she's being played, but her rage has an outlet. She gets to fight, Gloira covers her with security and (for now) all is well. Wyvern also does jobs for teams that Gloria 'rents' her services to.

Oversight (Nathan Jerrett Evans)

"Mistakes were made."—Oversight explains why another incident happened in the lab

Summoner describes Oversight:

"I've never see a boy so much in love. The mages hate him for getting science in their magic,
the devisors hate him for getting magic in their science. Only Gloria understands him..or so she claims.
He worships the ground those legs walk on, in turn she treats him like a servant, and he laps it up."

Oversight is the team's devisor. His wizard gift also means that he provides wards and protection spells. He
sees Gloria as a ticket to fame and fortune, when he's not crushing on her. She uses him, but trusts him to run the team in her absence. When his devises explode or a spell goes bad, Gloria seems to be there to cheer him up and encourage him.

Oversight and Gloira can be found playing poker or liar's dice in the tunnels while other students watch.

Keyhole ( Lindsey Kai Wilcox)
"There's allways a way in"—Keyhole

Flutter describes Keyhole:

"Wow, she's…spoiled…like she always expects other to do the work. We got detention in 'Thone together, she
just stood there and let me do all the work! The nerve of that…guy…girl..whatever."

Keyhole is the child of permissive parents. As such sie expects things to go hir way, no matter what.
Sie takes advantge of hir ability to switch genders to confuse people. As a warper, sie can teleport into
places that sould seem too small for hir to be into. That's where hir shifting ability comes in.
Sie can 'bend' hir body to get anywhere. Sie is Gloria's favorite spy.


Other 'members'

In return for the services of Wyvern, Oversight and Keyhole, Gloria gets access to some of the other team's members. At one point Tegan worked with the team, as did Dusty. They have since paid their debts to Gloria.


Item 1

Gloria's backpack: Oversight is the only one other than Gloira allowed to open it.

Item 2

The card table. Warded, nigh-indestructible, many a student as lost a wager to Gloria on it's surface. A red "!" appears when security or administration are nearby.


"Shadows move when you're not looking." — Phear describes The Association

They know they are freshman surrounded by stronger teams. They also know that some powerful students are gunning for them. They fear being noticed before they are sophomores. They want to remain behind the scenes for now.



Bad Seeds: Lackey's and hirelings
Alphas: same
Circle-S: daggers drawn
Code Violet: unknown

Residence / hideout

  • Cottage Whitman: Gloira Wyvern
  • Cottage Twain: Oversight
  • Cottage Poe: Keyhole
  • hideout: an unused closet in the tunnels.

Friendly Relationships

  • "Mary Decker": not much is know about her, but when they visit Dunwhich, she pays for their trips.


  • Circle-S, Bully Busters,
  • Sissonne(Kara Fowler): expelled from the team


They answer requests via Gloria's hotmail account or Oversight's GEO account.

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