The Asylum

New Team: The Asylum

The setup:

Created by Cambia while she was hospitalized for the second time, all the members have described themselves as crazy and/or insane, with evidence to support this conclusion.

The Team:

Founder: Cambia (Loreli C. Valenzuela)


Has a very powerful psycological need to save people in danger, and has almost zero regard for her own well being when doing so, often resulting in her taking life-threatening injurys. She founded the team from her two closest friends, in order to allow her to pursue Eightball, while still allowing Newton a chance of her own.

Other members:

Eightball (N/A)

Eightball is obsessed with getting people to remember him. It doesn't really matter how but he mostly uses scare tactics or violence. This behaviour has mellowed out a bit since meeting Cambia. His other passion is Cue sports, 8-ball in particular. It is unclear if this is because of his powers or that his powers are shaped by this.

Newton (Nicole Strauss)
"she scares me"—Eightball

Newton doesn't eally have any fighting ability, and only really joined the team in the first place 'cause it sounded fun.


None beyond the possessions of the individual members.


Following the incident where the Speak Easies attempted to jump Shift, and Cambia jumped in to help her, each member of the Asylum is now plotting their own of way of retaliating against the Speak Easies.

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