The Bullies

I'm providing these guys as a common source of antagonism to any TG, GLB, or other minority character. They're the pretties, Jocks, and haters all rolled into one.

Pure Power

Leader: NeuroMax (Real Name)
Mindforce—Hero High Yearbook

Red headed, green eyed, freckled, PDP leader of the group. Probably has at least one Irish parent, so first generation Irish American. Kinda cute. Most confident and cruel member of the group. Tends to focus on the TK and Force aspects of PDP power set, as he really likes lording his power over others.

Second in Command: ArchAero (Real Name)
Future Paragon—Hero High

Brown hair, blue eyes, utterly gorgeous Exemplar. Generic middle class family, probably religious. When he flies his PK field is visible as a faint blue white glow behind him, giving him a full body halo. He's probably a practicing Christian, and believes all gays go to hell. Considers himself a sort of archangel of judgment.

Other members:

Dark Cinder (Real Name)
The Vessel—Hero High

Long black hair, real pale skin, eyes that are a red and black. Sort of has that whole Bishi pretty boy thing going for him. He's an Avatar, host to minor demonic entity, which gives him hellfire blasts. By his own nature he's shy, angsty, and too emo to really be a threat. But once he's egged into hurting someone by the others he finds it really hard to stop.

Gino Cyber (Real Name)
The Ripper—Hero High Yearbook

Really gelled up dark hair, dark eyes, always has a deep tan, really heavyset. A pioneering Guido from Long Island. Likes to think he has a future as a mobster. He's a shell manifestor, much like Britomart. Looks and is baseline most of the time. While he can assume his giant, cyberwolf form at will, it takes him a considerable amount of time to peel out of it.


Item 1

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