The Great Lakes League

The Great Lakes League is a mainly Chicago based super group, although they have the mobility to respond anywhere in the great lakes area. Formed at the backing of a wealthy patron by open casting call, they don't exactly have a sterling reputation. In fact, they're populated mainly by super heroes who either barely fit the definition of the term, or who have been rejected from most other reputable teams. But their leader is a big believer in second chances and the opportunity for penance, and somehow they've been effective at controlling most super crimes in the Chicagoland area.

Leader: אדון אלמוות (Rabbi Menasha Lewartow)

"Yes, seriously. I'm totally Immortal. … No I'm not going to shoot myself! Do you have any idea how much that HURTS!!!"

Physically appearing to be a middle aged Caucasian of middle years and Jewish descent, Mr. Lewartow is the financial and spiritual core of the team. Regardless if the team members feel they need his guidance. His money allows the team to own their tower in Chicago's loop district, and his influence prevents long term incarceration for some of the members actions. Despite his claims of immortality he has never once engaged in combat with the team, and never does anything more dangerous than ride the L train.

Lending some credence to his claims of immortality are the odd roman sculpture, medieval painting, or Daguerreotype apparently depicting him through the ages with exactly the same appearance. As well, he is always offering classes to staff members on anything they request. From ancient Greek to how to sail a yacht to some styles of hand to hand combat that have not been seen in centuries.

Second in Command: Pigeon Chick (Jenna Fielding)

"Don't worry, they're not going to care. They watch worse stuff than this all the time. … What if i throw a sheet over their coop?"

A petite, slender woman with attractive looks, Pigeon Chick is an accomplished organizer and administrator. While not a career super hero originally, her background as a project manager serves her will in keeping the chaos of the team in check. She's one of the few members of the team to hold any kind of masters degree, her MBA coming from DuPaul university. She joined the team shorty after her daughter's manifestation, needing the assistance with raising Liz as her husband is deployed to the middle east.

Physically she's baseline, but her PDP ability allows her to create a moderate force field around herself. By moving that same force field she can pick herself up and fly at modest speeds. Her esper and telepathic abilities are barely functional in humans, enough for her to be a two way empath of limited range and sensitivity. Her greatest strength is achieved only with birds, and especially pigeons through years of practice. She can mentally command pigeons to perform simple tasks, or piggy back on their senses and gather information using her avian network of skyrats. The one thing she can't control is where they poop.

Other members:

Prestige (Alannah Starr)

"No, really! There was a giant pink elephant running up Michigan Avenue! It was heading right for Tiffanie's! I had to throw it in the river! Why doesn't anyone believe me!"

Prestige has been blessed in many areas. She's rated on her MID as an EX-5 PK-5 with the general Pk Superman power package. She's extremely attractive, buxom, and was counted among the most beautiful of her class at Whateley. She can fly at nearly 250 miles an hour, and regenerates at very high speed. Powers like that should have been able to get her into any team in the world. But, she's also about as smart as a cinder block. Combine that with a frightening lack of focus and a passion for indulgence, and you get a train wreck. At least twice literally.

Her poor life choices began while she was still at Whateley, her grades passing only in those classes with male teachers. This behavior pattern led to an early pregnancy and expulsion on her senior year. That alone would have kept her out of most of the major super teams that could have used a brick of her power level. When she came to Rabbi Lewartow she was living with her parents, had lost custody of little Al to her older sister Stephanie, and was desperate for a respectable job. He was able to remedy all those things, and this gives her an uncommon degree of loyalty to the team.

Stars and Bars (Jayme Cleary)

"What? What did I say? Why don't you ask that pollack pig what she said? I swear you people are so damn sensitive."

Stars is a very intelligent and creative young lady, the child of former controversial "hero" Johnny Reb. She's inherited not only his talent with machinery and superior reflexes, but also his suit of robotic power armor "Bars". And then she went and did him one better, constantly upgrading Bars and building multiple versions of the same design as Combat Drones along with other gear and vehicles for the team. Her casual racism and shamelessly pro confederacy stance has had her ejected out of every previous team she's joined. And despite her affected southern accent, she's never been further south than Ohio.

Schlanke Emma (Wiktoria Klonowska)

"Co? I nie rozumiem, co mnie o to pytasz? Oh? mam uderzyć?"

Wiktoria is a shy, soft spoken woman who immigrated to the united states from Poland specifically to join the Great Lakes League. She's a little tall, cute in a Slavic way, and a graduate of Warsaw University with a degree in Mutant Studies. Her Aunt had been attempting to convince her to join them in Chicago for ages, but Wiktoria was leery of the American MCO. So far she's not found any cause to regret her move, although she wishes more people in the League Tower would at least TRY to help her learn English. Wiktoria can increase her size by consuming large amounts of high calorie food. The larger she gets, the stronger and tougher she gets. She hates using her power however, because she gets not only hugely obese while her power is in effect, but has to purge afterwards to loose the extra mass.

Plane Person (Dr. Val Ventura)

"Of course I got a Doctorate! I'm a doctor of… stuff."

Plane Person is an enigma. He? She? seems to be some sort of warper / shifter who's managed to reduce themselves to an androgynous, bisexual, nearly two dimensional entity. Plane Person has the ability to stretch any part of their body to roughly triple it's original length. Plane Person can also appear to be nearly invisible by standing at just the right angle, and slip though very thin spaces. Folding their entire body into origami animals such as frogs or monkeys is a favored party trick. However, Plane Person never appears to be able to assume a "normal" three-dimensional shape.

Night Porter (Rodney Dennis)

"You mean to tell me that overgrown walking tank has two gatling guns built in, and NOT ONE DAMN KEG!!!"

An African American, widower, single father; Night Porter is a key component of the Great Lakes League mobility and ability to police the entire lakes area. He's an extremely powerful teleporter and clairvoyant, keyed to the element of shadow. He can turn any one shadow into a portal that lets out in any other shadow in a roughly 250 mile radius. And that ability is driving him crazy. He swears that voices and "things" call out to him from the darkness, and he's reluctant to use his power in all but dire emergencies.

He's prone to fits of depression and rages that have been known to last for days. He drinks heavily in brightly lit rooms in all his spare time, though with the arrival of Eve his alcoholism and violence has somewhat lessened. It's an open secret that the two are dating casually, though to many that simply confirms the belief that Eve has horrible taste in men.

Team Trainer

幸運的蓮花 - Xìngyùn de liánhuā (Sun Deming - 孫德明)


The Rucky Rotus was once known and feared through out the entire west coast Triad and Tong underworld for his savage martial arts prowess and potent eastern sorcery. He was well known as the master of seven schools of Kung Fu and so skilled in the use of his own chi that he could fly and walk through walls… In the 1950s. He wasn't young then, and as senility sets in even Rucky isn't sure anymore how old he is. Ancient magics and techniques have preserved his body, but he gets confused easily and refuses to deal with any technology released in the last 30 years.

An old friend of Rabbi Lewartow, he was hired to train the team in the martial arts and provides magic support and healing when required. He's second to none as a sensei, and takes a simple joy in teaching all his pupils how to put their fist through a human skull. But that's on his good days. On his bad days he'll ramble on in Chinese for hours, relating at length past exploits that range from fighting the armies of the Qing dynasty to the hunting of communists in the jungles of the golden triangle.

Probationary member

Eve ( Jennifer Louise Edwards )

"Trust me, you'll thank me for doing this to you in a few months."

Cute in a girl next door way, Jennifer prefers to be called "Eve" by staff or "Jenny" by the children. Her regeneration abilities making her seem far younger than her 36 years, her apparent age roughly 19 or 20. Amber eyes, long coppery hair, and a sheen of semi iridescent scales betray her mutation. Eve has very strong precognitive abilities, with mid to high level regen and some minor serpent GSD physical features. She has flexible bones, fine scales, a five hinged jaw, and fangs. She's very practiced in concealing her GSD, plucking her scales and even fangs when the occasion warrants it.

Eve has been court ordered to serve no less than 2000 hours of community service with the Great Lakes League, and has been remanded into their custody for the duration of her probation. Eve has a long history of theft and breaking and entering, though this is one of the few times formal charges have been filed. Quiet, soft spoken, and always ready to help with the children she's rapidly becoming accepted and popular among the team. The fact that she can feel the future up to six months in advance with a chilling degree of accuracy has greatly assisted team planning, even considering that her abilities are not fully controlled.


The Great Lakes League Tower

The real strength of the League isn't the members of the team. It's their base of operations. This mid-rise tower in the south east corner of The Loop has been fortified and renovated into world class base of operations. The below ground levels offer secret access to the Blue Line subway rails. The ground floor features gift shops, a grocery, and a museum. The tower includes everything from secure parking, to housing, to a helipad. By design the Tower has every facility needed for day to day life.

The League Tower includes facilities for home schooling and day care of the children of all League employees, with tutoring provided by both The League members as well as educational staff hired especially for the job. Commonly called "The Nursery" it is in fact capable of handling children of all ages.

Public Relations

Where to begin?

Perhaps the greatest weakness of the team is their reputation, not among the general public but among the super community. Rabbi Lewartow seems to have friends and contacts everywhere, and is a past master of public relations. Sometimes he makes references to "having learned a thing or two from Pontius." That and a team of highly skilled and energetic lawyers ensure that any less than sterling events get quietly swept under the rug. As far as the citizens of Chicago are concerned, The GLL is Their super group and they staunchly support them as local celebrities. Having a public face like Prestige doesn't hurt anything either, with her being a common fixture at the upscale department stores of Michigan Avenue and sporting events.

The law enforcement community is perhaps less enthused with the team, as there are numerous instances on file of domestic disturbance for Rodney Dennis, and Jayme has an impressive collection of unlawful possession of a weapon and aggravated assault and battery charges. Alannah's misdemeanor public indecency/lewd exposure evidence file from the 1998 bulls championship game is, however, the stuff of departmental legend. The police are quick to realize that Rabbi Lewartow has prevented a great number of crimes simply by recruiting his team, and that the League is willing to respond to any emergency. Large, annual contributions to the policeman's union also help grease the gears.

The super community has perhaps the worst opinion of the great lakes league, seeing it as a dumping ground for losers and has beens. They knew Johnny Reb or went to school with Alannah. They're party to all the dirt on the team members, and can't believe that some of them are still free men. The teams mistakes and accidents are favorite party jokes, because who doesn't like hearing about the snotty popular girl from high school throwing a tank from a veterans day parade into the lake because she thought it was an attack?


Rabbi Lewartow is a big believer in family, and the generous health insurance and childcare benefits he offers during his recruitment drives are a BIG incentive and the main reason he's gathered as powerful a team as he has. As a result, the League Tower is home to numerous dependents. For the sake of brevity, only those super powered dependents are listed.

Jade Deming (great? grand daughter of Sun Deming)

A precocious young girl living with her grandfather in America. Her grasp of English is still shaky, but she can KO a grown man with a foot to the face at the tender age of 11. She also has shown signs of the family wizard traits.

Allison Starr (daughter of Alannah Starr)

This 14 year old girl is one of the oldest of the children in the League Tower, and widely recognized as their leader by right of senority. She's lived most of her life in the tower with only rare outings into the city. She's intelligent, voraciously curious, kind hearted, and always willing to help others. When her precognitive powers began to manifest it proved more than the facilities were able to handle, and she was transferred to her mother's alma matar, Whateley.

Allison can see future events with 95% clarity up to 10 seconds in advance, 75% clarity up to five minutes in advance, and 50% clarity up to an hour in advance. She's currently rated as an Exemplar 4, and can bench press 700 pounds. Her skin is tough enough to withstand small caliber bullets with only bruising, and that bruising generally heals in a few minutes. She also has the full exemplar mental array of abilities, with perfect memory in addition to the high speed mental processes.

Joshua Dennis (son of Rodney Dennis)

The bad boy of the group, Joshua is currently lacking in the male role model department. He's already drinking like his father at age 16, after he manifested the ability to meld with shadows and walk through them. If anything, his attitude of late has only gotten worse as he sees his father being social with another woman.

William Klonowska (son of Wiktoria Klonowska)

At 13 William is just starting to come into his power. He's a shape changer like his mother, although his power is limited to elastic deformation and inflation. So far the only thing he really uses that power for is wearing Al's old hand me downs. Lately he's been spending an awful lot of time with Plane Person.

Elizabeth Fielding (daughter of Jenna Fielding)

The baby and most recent arrival of the group, Elizabeth manifested as a PK superman at the tender age of eight on a school playground. 27 injured and $2,300,000 in damages later she was calmed down when her mother arrived. A year later she's still got control issues, and tends to carelessly wreck furniture and whatever else she's gotten her hands on when she's excited. Elizabeth's peak output is rated at roughly five tons of force, but her maximum flying speed is as yet unknown. She hasn't quite mastered flying in a straight line, but she's already showing reflexes and eye sight on par with a mid level exemplar.

Getting her power under control is a high priority, but it's made more difficult by the fact that holding in her power is both painful and dangerous for her developing body. When Liz deactivates her field she quickly develops muscle cramps, followed by rising fevers within the first few minutes. Liz has made a bond with Alannah, and together the two of them are both trying to develop better fine control and technique. It's not unusual to see Big Al anchoring Liz for training flights over the building, or the two of them rough housing with enough force to shatter concrete. Lizs' dream is to be able to hug her daddy when he gets back, and not break any of his ribs. She still feels bad about the hairline fractures she gave her mom.

Justice Starr (Niece of Alannah Starr)

Justice, daughter of Alannah's sister Stephanie, stayed at the tower infrequently through her youth- generally when her parents were otherwise engaged. Due to a powers related accident, this powerful telekinetic girl is stuck in the quadrupedal form of a unicorn- and has spent quite a bit more time at the tower since the incident which has put significant strain on her parents. She is close to, but somewhat adversarial with her cousin Allison, who she knows better than most people- and she is less impressed with the girl's precognitive tricks, worrying that a reliance on them will get her in trouble.


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