The Good Doctor

Being a chronology of Doctor Chekhov and the events leading up to the 20XX Attack On The MCO!

The Past

  • 1944; First attack of Doctor Chekhov; a passenger liner is attacked by two unmarked ships, one of them a destroyer, and the passengers are taken off the ship. Between now and 1964, 7,281 cases of kidnapping, 2,124 cases of murder and 2,635 as-yet-unresolved missing persons cases will be attributed to the doctor, though exactly how many of these are either erroneous or outright fabrications remains unknown.
    • Of his victims, Dr Chekhov releases or employs those people with an active metagene complex (and their families) and uses the remainder as lab rats in experiments intended towards the induction and activation of metagene complex.
    • Doctor Chekhov's wife, who will come to be known as Lady Chekhov, but not for over 60 years, remains in the background the whole time. She is never seen by anyone except Doctor Chekhov's most trusted lieutenants and Doctor Chekhov himself. Dr Chekhov, meanwhile, is never seen without completely-concealing armour, so his identity will remain unknown until the mid-2000s.
  • 1958; Doctor Chekhov is forced to abandon one of his bases by encroaching law enforcement, aided by a number of metahumans, including a noted mage by the name of ████████████████. The self-destruct system causes the majority of equipment therein to be destroyed, but this encounter is notable in that a technopath working with law enforcement is able to acquire a file before being forced to evacuate; The file contains information about Doctor Chekhov's experiments, and indicates that he was able to induce metagene complex in 66% of his subjects, activate it in 31% of those, and finally resolve or prevent serious complications (including, but not limited to, burnout) in a further 33%. During the conflict, a weapon enchanted by ████████████████ successfully wounds Dr Chekhov. The wound heals, but lingers; Dr Chekhov walks with a limp thereafter, and the wound retains a mystic 'signature' of sorts even after healing.
  • April 1964; Dr Chekhov releases all remaining victims and goes into hiding, along with his wife, who has thusfar not been seen with him in public. Both take new identities and appearances.


  • 1987: Lady Chekhov, now going by the name of Dorothy Parkes, gives birth to the first of her children, Amelia, by Doctor Chekhov, now going by the name Derek Parkes. Despite the odds she will go on to become… a baseline.
  • 1992; Richard Luke Parkes is born; He is the second of two children. He will go on to be diagnosed with Diedrick's Syndrome at the age of 6, and an encounter with a female kitsune at the age of 13 leads to his becoming Rachel Lucy Parkes.

The Recent

  • c.2006/7; Rachel Parkes contacts her parents to warn them about Mary Decker, after Keyhole tells Rachel that Mary Decker is an assassin with intent to collect a large bounty reported to be on her father and family. Derek and Dorothy begin their own investigation.
  • A mole within the Whitley Foundation informs the Parkes' that it is highly-probable that Eliza Whitley has made the connection between Derek Parkes and Doctor Chekhov.
  • Although the mole does not know what she plans to do with this information, the Parkes' reason that unless they act now, they may not get another chance to act. They flee, taking their remaining children with them, to Karedonia, where the Parkes' have been maintaining a villa as an escape plan.
  • The thoughts of the Parkes' turn to Rachel and Clarissa, both of whom are in America. The Parkes' know they cannot protect their children directly, and are concerned that once their identities are public, the MCO will snatch the girls the first chance they get.
  • The Parkes' realise that the best chance for their daughters may depend on convincing the MCO that taking their children will be too costly, and hatch a plan they term the Diabolik Gambit.
  • The first phase of their plan is enacted; intelligence gathering. Syndicate agents within the MCO provide the Chekhovs, via the Syndicate proper, with information regarding several MCO branches. The report includes some disturbing pages regarding children being held by the MCO. Official records quickly reveal that the MCO essentially denies that these children exist, and it doesn't take long for the Chekhovs to conclude that the MCO is only holding them temporarily before they make them disappear forever.
  • A quickly-devised second phase is put into action. A threat of attack is 'leaked' to the MCO, regarding the branches illegally-holding these children. Subtle and not-so-subtle prodding (including, but not limited to, bribes and blackmail) convinces the MCO to move the children they are holding to other, 'more secure' branches.
  • Phase three goes into action when the buses carrying the children are attacked by Syndicate forces being paid by the Chekhovs and augmented by equipment provided by Lady Chekhov; The children are rescued and, in secret, handed over to agents of Whateley Academy, where it is reasoned they will be safe long enough for a permanent solution to be found.
  • Phase four is enacted. Devices planted by sleeper agents in multiple branches of the MCO around the US are triggered, including but by no means limited to those indicated in the earlier 'leak', dispersing halluginogenic compounds throughout the ventilation systems, shutting them down for several hours.
  • The final phase is enacted a few hours later, where the Parkes', clad in power armour, eschewing the helmets and calling themselves Doctor and Lady Chekhov, take responsibility for the attack in a video which is sent to the MCO only, and state that the attacks will escalate unless the MCO accounts for the whereabouts of many children, including but not limited to, Isobel Anaelez, Charlie Denver, Sandra Kwan and Anne Clearlake, who had been turned over to the custody of the MCO and promptly vanished. (these children could not be accounted-for by the Syndicate agents) The intended subtext is simple; the MCO leaves their daughters alone, or the next attack involves something worse than hallucinogens. This video is, however, sent to the Internet by the MCO in such a way as to appear to have been released directly by the Chekhovs, and is then broadcast on national TV. It is because of this that Rachel and Mycron learn of their parents' backgrounds.
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