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Name: Van C. Brooks (born Vanessa Caroline Brooks)
Whateley: Freshman(returning)
DOB: 9/9/1991
Powers: Wis-3(elemental), HEAL-2, SH-3(u,f,c,g)
Gender: Transgender (f-to-m)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: A brash exterior that usually hides his uncertainty.
Race: Kupua, born human(pacific islander)
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 195 lbs
Eyes: Dark reddish brown
Hair: Sniny black and short, very coarse and bristly
Face: Strong jawed and handsome, but with a slightly large head. Mixed pacific islander/Japanese features. Slightly enlarged, pointy lower canines.
Build: Sturdy and soforth.
POB: Lahaina, Hawaii
Assoc: Poe resident
Creator: Pinball

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He has a constant, fairly weak but large range healing ability; In general, plants and animals in his vicinity are more vigorous and healthy. He can focus this effect somewhat to more closely emulate a typical healer ability, but this is rather tiring for him.

He occasionally changes form, usually into some sort of plant, or sometimes a fish. The only form he can semi-reliably take is that of a boar with eight eyes. Kamapua'a might really be ignorant of the fact that most of these forms aren't very useful outside of a tropical jungle, but most likely he's actually just a jerk.


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Somewhat uncontrollable, sporadic shapeshifting.



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  • Gauss(ex boyfriend)

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