Wyvern (Andrea Jenkins)
Name: Andrea “Wyvern” Jenkins(born Harold Jenkins)
Whateley: Class of 2007 (repeating freshman year )
DOB: 1992-12-07
Powers: EX-5, GSD (Severe) REGEN-4
Gender: Transgender m-to-f
Sexuality: Bisexual
Demeanor: Tires to project the "bad girl"/"tough chick" image, but her demeanor is slowly becoming more feminine.
Costume: Leather vest, tank top, and shorts cut for her wings, tail and claws.
Race: WASP on her father's side, Irish, Polish and German on her mother's side.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170lbs
Eyes: dark green (glow red)
Hair: A mop of black hair with some black feathers mixed in.
Face: Mostly stuck in a scowl or sneer that she puts one to distance others, she can become warm and expressive or sad at times.
Build: Wiry and athletic.
POB: Chicago, IL
Assoc: Cottage: Whitman resident (room nnn, see roommate: Gloira), team?, girlfriend/boyfriend? (none yet), ~enemy: (lots)
Creator: (Taira-Mai)

General Description

Every human has their demons, "Horrible Harold" was no exception. A rocky home life, his parents moved him at an early age to Albuquerque NM. His family was middle class, Sara & Larry Jenkins were both mid-level executives of a finance company. Their marriage was never quite stable. His older sister Mary left home as soon as she turned eighteen. She became paralegal and a volunteer at a mental health clinic in Socorro NM.

Harold made some friends in school, but trouble at home seems to wear at him. He missed his sister and his parents were never home until well after school let out. He was diagnosed with conduct disorder at an early age. In school Harold became bully that tormented, Charles Vincent, Arnold Jones and Sam Marcotte ever since they enrolled 3rd grade. He pushed them down stairs, beat them up, chased them around the block, poured water in the lockers etc. When Charles, Amanda and Sam manifested, they left Albuquerque NM. Charles' last words to him were “Whatca gonna do now Harold?”

His parents were low ranking members of H1! They paid dues and went to meetings, but that was it. Harold hated mutants on principle, seeing GSD cases in the news made him shudder. Anything outside of baseline humanity gave him nightmares. One day he snuck out with some friends. Getting high and playing video games at one friends house, he passed out. When his temp ran over to 110, someone called 911. When Harold awoke in the hospital three days later, she'd manifested.

Her parents disowned her. They even tried to turn her over to their H1! chapter. After a standoff with the Albuquerque SWAT, Andrea surrendered. In exchange for her testimony against her parents and some members of the NM chapter of H1!, she was given probation and sent to Whateley. Because her parents used their H1! contact to cover up Harold's less than stellar school record, she has to repeat her freshman year.

Her older sister Maria Andrea Jenkins had repudiated her parents. She gained custody of Harold. She filled out the paperwork that gave Andrea a scholarship to Whateley.


Her face is stern, boyish, when happy she does let loose with a girlish giggle. Her GSD gave her claws, a tail (with some bony spikes) feathers and wings. Extending from her forearms, they let her glide a short distance. Her skin has a scaly pattern on it, starting from her shoulders on down.

Her eyes are a dark green. They glow red when she is emotional, flaring when she's angry. She loves to use her eyes to spook others.



For someone who feared mutants as a boy, Andrea now has an ironic set of powers. She can leap over 1,000 feet, run at over 300 mph and lift several times her body weight. She's stronger than Flutter, a fact the roachgirl found out when they sparred. She can strike the ground hard enough to shake people off their feet and yell lound enough to knock non-exemplar's off the ground. Her claws are very sharp, the spikes on her tail are hard bone.
She has regeneration.


She still has a knack "spooking" innocents and a bully's knack for finding peoples weak points. Trained as a wrestler, she competed as a freshman in high school. She fights dirty, using her claws, tail and roar. She doesn't care if she gets on the ground, but she is weak there. Harold was an Eagle Scout, Andrea remembers some of her scout training.


Item 1


As a boy, Harold told his teachers and doctors that he was "angry all the time." Having parents focused on their careers left him alone. He found an outlet with the bullies in school. Always looking for somewhere to belong, he had a knack for finding the "wrong crowd".

Harold hated mutants because they were different and scary to him. When she manifested, "different and scary" became the non-GSD students that gave her dirty looks. Or the students who taunted her. Or who ever her new friend Gloria said needed a lesson. Gloria expolits Andrea's rage, at some level she knows she's being played, but since they're roomies and both have GSD, Andrea's loyal to Gloria.

On the surface, she's a 'tough girl'/Tombish. Prone to acting 'girly' at times, she'll let her hair down among other girls in Whitman. On the inside, she's racked with guilt and anger at herself now that she's a mutant. The guilt of being a party to a major hate crimes haunts her. She still coming to terms with being bisexual and admitting that she was bi before she manifested. But her feelings are causing conflict with her old ways of thinking. She's extremely angry at her parents, epically since she has to repeat her freshman year.

After she manifested, her rage turned inward, she's prone to fits of mild depression. She's too proud to see Dr. Bellows, but some students have managed to pierce her anger.

Being a bully and an enforcer for Gloria gives her rage and frustration an outlet. For now.


She's vulnerable to electric shock and loud sounds can stun her. Her rage does get the better of her. She's trying to keep her male past a secret.



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  • Class of 2011


  • Cottage Whitman (room nnn)
  • Home residence: Albuquerque NM

Group Affiliations

  • Group : The Whitley Foundation Provides a scholarship for Andrea. A fact the Gloria holds over Andrea's head.
  • Group: The Association: Gloira's "Team"

Romantic Relationships

  • Lightstep (crush)

Personal Enemies

  • Flutter: "I'll never forget those hateful eyes…"
  • Summoner
  • Rachel Parks: not really and enemy, more of a favorite target, (unaware the Rachel knows her secret)
  • Alburguerque chapter of Humanity First!: Andrea exposed their attempt to steal school records. She does fear for her safety if she leaves school grounds.


  • parents: Sara & Larry Jenkins (disowned Andrea)
  • Sibling : Maria Andrea Jenkins (sister, paying a portion of her tuition)


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