Tsureai Yomiko
Name: Tsureai Yomiko
Whateley: Class of 2007 (Freshman)
DOB: October 23rd 1994-10-23
Powers: Dev-4
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual (when she can be bothered to notice another human)
Demeanor: Yomiko is the very picture of controlled and precise Japanese culture
Costume: Yomiko wears only school uniforms
Race: Japanese
Height: 4' 11"
Weight: 88 lbs
Eyes: Very dark brown with a deep almond shaped tilt
Hair: Ink black, perfectly straight, and down to her waist
Face: Yomiko's face has the delicate perfection of impeccable Heian court breeding, and she'd be beautiful if she ever took her coke bottle classes off.
Build: Yomiko has more the suggestions of a female form instead of the actual thing. She's slender and willowy, and about as curvaceous as a chopstick.
POB: Kyoto, Japan
Assoc: Dickinson
Creator: Tsureai

General Description

Yomiko was born in Kyoto, and moved to America along with her family when her father was made CEO of a branch division in Chicago. In her entire life Yomiko has never had a moment of freedom. Essentially from the time she was born her parents mapped out her life in detail. Her every week is the same routine of study, academics, and school work that is tailored to the single goal of graduating with honors from Tokyo University. And every aspect of her life revolves around this pursuit of perfection.

Because the penalties in her family for imperfection are harsh. Her Mother ensures this. Her mother takes pains to abolish every last scrap of disobedience and deficiency from her daughter, usually by the creative application of extremely long and painful punishments. It's not unusual for Yomiko to be forced to sit motionless and ignored in seiza on slate floors, submit a perfect test score for her dinner, or be looked in her room until a project has been completed to her Mother's satisfaction.

Needless to say she has issues because of this. Coming from an environment where normal human emotion is seen as a weakness, she's become something of a robot herself. It wasn't until her delusions and powers manifested that she ever conceived of being less than subservient to her Mother. And when she realized she had disappointed her Mother, she was so overcome with grief and regret she had her first Deidricks episode, and managed to warp the timespace continuum of the family den in her efforts to build a time machine that would send her mother back to a time when she was still the perfect daughter.


Tsureai Yomiko is a young Japanese girl of 5" 1' with more the suggestions of a female form in place of the actual thing. Thin and willowy she has blue black hair to her waist and large almond tilted dark eyes. Pity they can hardly be seen beneath her coke bottle glasses. She's always impeccably dressed and proper to a fault, with never a hair out of place.


Yomiko posses no physical powers or effects. She has displayed clear devisor traits, and an unusual aptitude for jury rigging devises from handy components. Unfortunately, her devisor ability is at its most potent when she is gripped by a Deidricks episode. Perhaps a side effect of her Deidricks affliction, she is prone to delusions. Her most persistent delusion to date is her belief that she is possessed by the female spirit of a 30 year old Hispanic systems engineer.

When gripped by her affliction she suffers the symptoms of hypomania and sociopathic personality disorder. Her Deidricks episodes are characterized by persistent and pervasive focus on problem solving, a decreased need for sleep and rest, an extremely helpful and competitive mood, and a great deal of energy and creativity. This is combined with pervasive disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others as Yomiko looses all remorse and empathy.

Immediately after an episode she’s generally exhausted and turns clinging, needing sleep to recuperate from the stress of whatever she did while she was ‘dricking. When she wakes up she’s most often depressed and anxious, expressing concern for anyone she may have harmed or damaged with whatever device she’d just constructed.


Yomiko is a scholastic genius. Her parents have enrolled her in every honors program possible, and she has been attending Gakushū juku since she was five. However, this focus on academic excellence has come at the expense of nearly all her interpersonal skills. Her mother has insisted that she be properly cultured however, and she is very skilled at traditional Japanese women’s skills such as the tea ceremony, cooking, and traditional flower arrangement.

What’s never been adequately explained is where she learned Spanish, Krav Maga, Powershell coding, and how to cook Mexican food.


Yomiko’s glasses

Yomiko uses her glasses as a heads up display, and integrates them with all her force devices. Her glasses are configured to allow her to see the otherwise invisible force fields most of her devices generate. As well, her glasses monitor her mental state and administer corrective shocks when she’s on the verge of an episode.

Force Bat

A gift made for her Uncle, this aluminum baseball bat has a kinetic energy accumulator built into its core. The device stores kinetic energy when in “charge” mode, and then releases it in a single burst when switched to “strike” mode.

Force Ball

A second gift made for her Uncle, this is a baseball sized sphere housed inside a leather baseball skin. When activated it generates a force field of slightly variable size around either the ball it’s self, or in a meter radius from the ball. This force field is impervious to most small arms.


Until she came to Whateley Yomiko had no social life to speak of, instead raised in a rigid and extremely conservative traditional Japanese household. As a result, Yomiko has serious personality issues. Systematic child abuse has destroyed any self worth or spontaneity she may have had. Without grades or academics to focus on she feels useless and depressed. School counselors theorize that her delusions stem from an escapist urge to create a life for herself beyond her Mother’s control.

And then she developed Deidricks. Yomiko believes that her disease is an evil spirit possessing her, and she has made persistent attempts to quantify the nature of her affliction and restore the balance of her precious bodily fluids. While she dreads the loss of control and decorum that comes with her episodes, it's worth noting that immediately after such an episode is the only time she breaks with her conditioning and attempts to reach out for social contact and reassurance.


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