Zashiki (Matt Thomas)
Name: Zashiki (born Matt Thomas)
Whateley: Class of 2010 (freshman as of fall 2006)
DOB: 1992-02-29
Powers: AV (ranking pending
Gender: Male (Potentially MtF
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Demeanor: Zashiki is a generally helpful person, who betrays only the barest hint of exasperation at the antics of his peers. He does have a tendency to snark a bit if he feels it's not likely to hurt the situation and a mildly sardonic sense of humor. Overall, he's a very sensitive and caring person.
Costume: None yet
Race: Caucasion
Height: 4'7"
Weight: 85ibs
Eyes: Zashiki's Eyes are rather wide. He is an idealist. They're also black.
Hair: Black, and kept in an (slightly) more-masculine version of a traditional bob.
Face: Brief description of face and head
Build: Incredibly small and rather thin for his age. He's a decidedly feminine boy
POB: Florida (Generic General Hospital
Assoc: Emerson resident (No room number given), None as of yet, No significant other, Not many enemies to speak of
Creator:  Shadell

General Description

Matt Thomas' mother died when he was 9. Matt's father died by inches over the next five years, throwing himself into his work and alcohol. Soon he barely managed to feed himself and sleep, much less keep an orderly household. Matt's little sister Tina was far too young to do much to help out. Thus, while Matt's peers enjoyed the latest Pokemon game, Matt sighed to himself and learned to cook.

Over the course of middle school he quickly found himself filling in as the 'mom' of the household, taking care of the cleaning, the cooking, making sure his little sister got to school alright, and that his dad remembered to eat. He wasn't the least bit envious of either. Focusing solely on others and ignoring his own sadness was simply Matt's own, not all that healthy, way to deal with his mother's death.

In the ensuing years he slowly dwelt more and more at the home. He had few friends, but no enemies. If someone from Matt's middle school class was asked to describe the boy, they probably wouldn't even remember his face. All that changed during the last few weeks of Matt's last summer vacation before high school.

While cleaning out the attic, since he certainly wouldn't have time after school started, Matt happened upon a strange young girl sitting in the floor. Needless to say, Matt was rather surprised. When he asked her name, age and what she was doing there, she replied. "Not telling, older than you" and "I live here." Matt told her, in no uncertain terms, that he was going to take her downstairs and call the police so they could get her home. She tried to run and Matt tried to stop her. As his hand grabbed hers, there was a flash, and Matt found himself alone in the room, save for the voice in his head. She wanted him to let her go, and in the true fashion of a child, told him about all sorts of horrible things that she would ensure happen when she did get out. Matt took the most obvious course of action and didn't let the spirit (For that is what the child was) go.

As she let her name slip, he spent a few hours browsing the internet at a local library and got a fair clue as to the spirits nature. Then he set down for the harder task of figuring out what exactly had happened.

Eventually he happened upon Whateley. Though Matt initially had no intentions of abandoning his family, various physical changes that began over the next few weeks made him hesitate. When Matt's father finally asked what happened, Matt told him everything. Parental forces soon arranged for Matt to head off to Whateley against his will. Matt's father did promise to take better care of himself, but Matt remains unconvinced that this will be the case. Hopefully his little sister, at least, could manage to look after her well being.

Several interesting events happened on the way to Whateley that resulted in Matt being quite late to arrive at school. Unfortunately Matt has no intention of disclosing their contents to anyone, so its unlikely that they'd ever be remotely relevant to anything whatsoever, ever.


Zashiki usually walks around in a boy's school uniform that's just a bit too big for him. His black hair is styled in something of a messy bob and he's unnaturally small and light for his age and his features have a decidedly 'cute' cast to them. While not exemplar attractive, he does have a certain quality that makes one want to pat him on the head, call him a good girl, and give him candy. Most of these traits owe themselves to the spirit he's picked up (who manifests as a small Japanese child with her hair cut in a bob.)

His skin is something of a ruddy white.


Matt is an avatar of the Zashiki Warashi: a spirit who takes the form of a small child and grants her blessing of good fortune when she chooses to live in a house. Should she be kicked out or choose to leave, she curses the house with horrible misfortune. She also has several small powers that she uses to pull pranks on the residents of the house and those nearby.

Zashiki is capable of invisibility (from all forms of visual senses) as well as bestowing a blessing on another person through touch. This blessing takes the form of general good fortune. When people do well, they do very well. The good luck lasts for as long as Zashiki maintains a small amount of focus on the blessing.

On the other hand, when the blessing passes, the recipient finds him or herself cursed with misfortune for just as long as he or she had good fortune in the first place. Zashiki thinks of it much like tired earth refusing to give a good yield after several harvests. It's worth noting that Matt's blessing and curse are somewhat weaker than the calamitous version the spirit gives to her habitation.

As Zashiki develops he may learn to increase the strength of his ability, to who knows what point, he may also learn to extend the range of this blessing. Lastly, as he functions as a pseudo-house for a spirit who grants fortune to her habitat, it's probable that he may find himself to be naturally lucky as time goes on.


Matt's mildly clever and has surprising skill at cooking, cleaning and other basic domestic necessities for someone his age.

His calm and generally honest personality belay, or perhaps enhance, an ability to trick others when he feels the need to do so.


How the character behaves and should be portrayed in stories.


Zashiki is roughly as physically intimidating as a below average girl three or four years younger than his own fourteen. He won't be winning a brawl any time soon. Beyond that, it seems that he may suffer the full consequences of the Zashiki's departure (constant horrible disasters) if he ever looses the spirit.



  • Class of 2010
  • Faculty/Headmistress/etc.


  • Emerson cottage (Unknown Unknown)
    • None Mentioned
  • Generic Florida
    • (see family)

Group Affiliations

  • None

Romantic Relationships

  • None

Personal Enemies

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  • Nada


  • Name: John Thomas (Father)
  • Name: Tina Thomas (Younger sister. Yes, she does hate her name)
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